Don't Scoff My Unquelled Rebellion

Don't Scoff My Unquelled Rebellion

A Poem by Rachel

Totally off the top of my head, and totally didn't go where I thought it would.



Skies full of drear
Crisp, not clear
The flags are flying
Slowly crying
Nature reflects my heart
Slowly coming apart
My mind will not hold
What my eyes have told
As you take your leave
My eyes do grieve
My heart I can’t quell
My mind will rebel
Without you my life is crazy
My life before became a bit hazy
My mind has rebelled
My heart lay unquelled
I’ve found my relief
My way from grief
In thinking of you
Of what you do
I’m so much better off
Though most may scoff
But they don’t know how few
My days were with you

© 2009 Rachel

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This is really good.
Even though it didn't go where you wanted it to, you did a good job.
The way I interpret it, I can relate very well.
Nice job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 11, 2009



Ratcliff, AR

Well, I'm ever so slightly insane, to start with. In my opinion, insanity is a necessity for any artist, be they writer, singer, player, or doodle-bug. I love to write, though I often get stuck, and l.. more..