e race

e race

A Poem by Ras Kibo

Hands up don’t shoot who is the enemy?

Fighting wars abroad when right here is the travesty.

Turn ourselves against ourselves and all will come undone

Is it not just to defend ourselves that’s why we have a gun

But when no one is shooting your way why pull the trigger

Maybe just because you think that it is just another

Bigger problems lie ahead before we can make peace

We have to come together for the madness to cease

It’s a loaded situation ready to explode

no such thing as freedom with danger on your own road

but still we go to school and learn that we are free

now is the time for action to change our history

start by loving your neighbour no need to fear

like a ray of sun your hearts will shine joy brings a tear

to water a thirsty nation about to crack a part

caring for your home is the only sane place to start

and let all the world see how it can really be

then bombing far off lands will seem so contrary

crazy evil warlords puppeteering horrid scenes

cattle grazing obliviously on poison fields of greens

we need to seek our inner thoughts or we’ll lose

don’t really see any other option to choose

Ferguson, Iraq, Crimean, Alberta, Pyongyang

members of the cops or members of the gang

it all amounts to the same game if you realize

the problem is to be found when searching for the prize

Lord let us pray that we turn our minds to love

Lucifer can’t touch us is this is what we think of

This ramble surely doesn’t amount to a lot

But alone on my couch for now it is all I got…

© 2018 Ras Kibo

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Added on February 9, 2018
Last Updated on February 19, 2018


Ras Kibo
Ras Kibo