You Call That A Living?

You Call That A Living?

A Poem by Timothy Ryan

I guess I'm alive and living

The alarm clock wakes sleep into reality
Good night, sweet dreams
Good morning, misery
Drops from the shower can't wash away the feeling of another lost weekend
Force feed spoonfuls of a tasteless breakfast for an appetite that feels fed up
Halfheartedly throw some clothes on
Fight traffic to get somewhere you don't want to be
And clock-in three minutes late

It's time to make a living

Greet the customers that you dread to see
Wish them to have a good day when you couldn't care less
Watch the clock as you think of everywhere else you'd rather be
At the bar with friends, laughing as the beer flows
Soaking in the sunshine outside of the walls that trap you for eight hours a day
Or laying in the bed that doesn't see you enough
Those are all a distant memory when your break is over
Back to work as you take orders from a boss who you don't respect
Make him money as you pays you like dirt
Be told you're lucky to be working there
As the paycheck laughs in your face

Then there's the bills
Those f*****g bills
They never leave you lonely
Always there to say hello
They limit the lifestyle you live
They take away good times you can't afford
And they never f*****g leave
Those unwanted guests that you can't live without
There goes the lights, along with the power
God damn it, national grid

You trade a night out for enough sleep so you can open for work
You work the job you never wanted to be at
To pay the bills you barely scrape by to afford
To live a life you said you'd rather die than grow up to be

You call that a living?


© 2016 Timothy Ryan

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This poem is a whole mood. Never hated the weekend ending so much until right now. I agree doing this one routine over and over again to survive is horrible. Very relatable

Posted 1 Month Ago

Timothy Ryan

1 Month Ago

Thank you for taking time to give it a read. I appreciate it.
What does your poem describe?

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on July 31, 2016
Last Updated on August 1, 2016


Timothy Ryan
Timothy Ryan


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