Union Jack on 15th August.

Union Jack on 15th August.

A Story by Riya patel

                                   At some point or the other of our life we all experience a moment where we ourselves make our fool in front of people and that too without our knowledge. Last year,On 15th August 2015 the whole India was celebrating Independence day. We also had decided to celebrate it in an unique way in our classes.The plan was some thing like this, we first had chemistry lecture and then we would perform dance on two patriotic song and then one of our batch-mate who was a very good singer was going to sing a patriotic song. And then finally flag hoisting by the hands of our professors. We had also decided a dress code. Everyone was supposed to wear white clothes. All these things were discussed on 12th of August itself and one talked about it then after. 
                                   On 15th we had lecture at 7 am sharp. Our professor was a very punctual person. He hated late comers. I had set an alarm for 6 am. In the morning alarm rang but I kept on snoozing it thinking that I ' ll wake up after 5 mins. Then suddenly I realized that its already 6:45 am. I jumped from the bed and brushed my teeth. I went for a bath. When I came out of bathroom, I saw my clothes on the table. without bothering that what it is I wore it and picked my bag up and went for the classes. I rode my activa fast, as I Was passing by the road everyone was staring me. Some girls even laughed at me. I didn't gave a damn at it. 

                                  Finally at 7:10 i reached my classes. That day I didn't even wished my receptionist. And went towards the class where the lecture had already started before 10 mins. I knocked the door form out side and that day my professor was in a good mood so he opened the door and allowed me to sit for the lecture. But wait, what happened ? As I stepped in the class every body started laughing at me. I was still in a confusion as why they were laughing. at me. Then my professor brought to my knowledge that I was wearing a t-shirt which had the union jack printed on it. I was like ohh no, today is independence day and I'm wearing a t-shirt which had a printing a flag of some other nation. Then I realized what a big fool I've made of myself.

© 2016 Riya patel

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Omg!! Even I had these moments in classes I used to always get late
But this was a hilarious one!!😂😂

Posted 3 Months Ago

Riya patel

3 Months Ago

Thank you😊😊
thankyou for making me to think positively

Posted 2 Years Ago

:):):):):):):):)think as other side you bought a smile on everyone's face..you are not a fool...

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on September 5, 2016
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Riya patel
Riya patel

mumbai, India

Still a lot more to discover within me. more..