A Poem by Sam Freeland

have immense value


Any question you ask

will be your mistake

Unless you intended

a connection to make

We live alone all the time

in our own little world

Thinking and doing

with our flag still furled

Wave it more boldly

when seeking my attention

You may have intended

a connection to make

Try reaching out again

for mine and for heaven's sake

The possibilities of a future

take something you just did

More of us spoke the truth

when we were just a kid

Now that we are older

truth loses some beauty

If we are to regain truth's value

this connection could be our duty

You have followed me this far

and know my years have been alone

At least I can say thank you

until our connection has a better tone

Everything starts somewhere

to get us where we are today

Nothing in our whole world

could have begun in a better way

© 2014 Sam Freeland


© 2014 Sam Freeland

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Added on January 13, 2014
Last Updated on January 13, 2014


Sam Freeland
Sam Freeland

Chocorua, NH

The reading we do and those we help will determine our everlasting value as a human. more..

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