The Argument

The Argument

A Story by Sand Witch

"You... you noodle!" "...What did you call me?" "A noodle!" "Say it again!" "Noodle! Noodle! Bloody fool, are you deaf?" "Go scrub a toilet!"

"...Are you daft?"
"You've lost your head! There's no way."
"Why can't I make a way?"

He leaned in, disbelief struck on his face. "Why not?" He croaked. "Why not? You really have gone daft! You bloody moron!"
"Oh, go suck a lemon."
"Excuse me?"

The duo stormed down the stairs. The first one unwilling to talk, their lips pressed tightly together and a frown set in stone. 
"Ey! Answer me! You..."
He stood on the bottom step and a heavy breath set in his lungs.
"You noodle!"

They stopped, both of them, dead in their tracks.
Slowly, in a heavy silence, the one closest to the door turned around.
"...What did you call me?"
"A noodle."
"...Say it again."
He exploded. "Noodle! Noodle! Bloody fool, are you deaf too?"
There was a flash of teeth. "Go scrub a toilet!"
"You pomegranate!"

They stormed out of the door, one after another and the war was in full force.
"You lost the plot, you mad idiot!"
"You stupid Marshmallow!" 
"You bald cupcake!" 
"That's just a muffin!"
"Muffin's aren't as good as cupcakes and everyone knows it!"
"Blueberry cupcakes are amazing go keel off!"

They flew over the lawn screaming their heads off, unbeknownst of Mrs. Sherry. The sweet old lady next door.
Her jaw was slack, her mouth hanging open in shock. Water pooled up under her shoes due to the forgotten hose in the old woman's hand.
Her face flushed red and she took off her dated, horrifically bright pink hat and she pressed it against her chest.
"Goodness!" She gawked.
"What language!" 

© 2017 Sand Witch

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Added on July 17, 2017
Last Updated on July 17, 2017
Tags: Insults, argument, humor, funny, cute, short story, brothers, rivalry, noodles, English