I Don't Think I'm Welcome

I Don't Think I'm Welcome

A Poem by Sarahfenna

you all know

the right words to say

but i only seem to say them

all the wrong ways


you all know

the right topics to sing

and to most of you trajedy

is a beautiful thing


some of you say

that im generic and to controlled

that I don't belong, repeatedly

I've been told


Do you blame me

for thinking

I'm Not Welcome


In this poets world where

the best seem to suffer

I'm just a little too dim

to illuminate the world


I don't believe you

i don't care anyway

to discourage me is to discourage

everything you think you stand for

everything you say


you think i dont belong here

youve said it enough




wont you pleas shut up?


To those who have found

something entertaining

some meaning

some glance into my mind

i would like to thank you personally

for taking the time


And the people on the left side say i don't belong


the people on the right side say that the left side is wrong


and i sit happily in the middle

because to you, i can not lie

no matter what you say my passion for this,

will never die.


Youre Welcome

© 2010 Sarahfenna

Author's Note


Not Afriad of You

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Added on January 2, 2010
Last Updated on January 2, 2010




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