A Poem by TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror

" one for the devil and three for me "


Dressed to kill down to the heels

Locked and loaded with sites on infamy

shots fired in the vicinity of destiny

todays game, is change my name

unleashed and tailor fit for your Identity

nice suit but I still resent all the AkA’s

Shattered I am and fractured I remain

rage, scars and every breathe in between

I escaped a dying breed

Big brother watches over me but it ain't free

each piece taken, traded and destroyed

equals one for the devil and three for me

I got mad skills for the long haul

ready for the free fall

looking out for number one

my disguise is the fade into everyday

look over your shoulder

Subtlety is what you see not me

Terry D’Arcy-Ryan  aka  Sheer Terror

                           In collaboration with

        Ryan Thorpe  aka  CaffeinatedMe

© 2017 TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror

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This is amazing, you use great langauge and convey your theme very well. Overall I absolutely love this poem

Posted 4 Days Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

3 Days Ago

Lady Magicae, I am always thrilled when someone relates to my writing all my poetry is a piece of m.. read more
"I got mad skills for the long haul
ready for the free fall "

Yaasssss!! Ya'll know I'm not a poet and I sometimes struggle with it, but this? I absorbed every word like it was my own.

Thank you.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

go girl,lol,i don`t want to mess with u
Carol Cashes

2 Weeks Ago

Well, I have a sayin' after I hit my 50's: " You see a girl, five her fifty dollahs!" *snort* (that.. read more

2 Weeks Ago

damn.i can imagine
Well, there will be people who feels different from what they look like in the outside. Dark and fierce. I like it.


Posted 3 Weeks Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

3 Weeks Ago

Capolavoro, I am glad you I am happy you get me. Thank you for taking the time to read and more
I liked the photos and I loved the words. Direct, cold and honest. I did like the smoking bat-woman. Thank you my friend for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

3 Weeks Ago

Coyote, I do appreciate your reviews and you amazing words.

Sheer Terror
Coyote Poetry

3 Weeks Ago

I enjoyed this one and you are welcome.
This was, wow. It is masterfully worded, with an awesome blend of defiance and pain and pressure, and it paints the picture perfectly. Honestly, the four words that I can't stop thinking of after this are 'A Pretty Little Rebel'.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

3 Weeks Ago

Hyaceth, there is nothing little about me I am all powerful. Just kidding thank you for the amazing .. read more
A continuation of personal themes explored in the last few poems i have read of yours....this time dealing with the quest for anonymity; hiding the true self behind a masked veil in this world that is more often imitating Orwell's version; where Big Brother peers into every corner of our lives and the sanctity of self and personal freedom of opinion is violated and scrutinised.

Again, your piece has a tone of defiance, strongly worded with a rebellious streak throughout.

You are slowly peeling back the veil and revealing an interesting persona. Nicely written.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

4 Weeks Ago

Doodly, I got goose bumps as I read your review. A masterful description, the perfect perception. .. read more
we can't hide from who we are, try as we may. people see us in their own ways. we put on masks from time to time. can only be ourselves for good or bad. sometimes we are not ourselves. you have a wonderful knack for words and imagery.

Posted 1 Month Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

4 Weeks Ago

Pete, I agree. My last 4 pieces have been kind of an experiment to see if everyone could relate to .. read more
the two inks blended well,creative write

Posted 1 Month Ago

interesting piece of poetry. thanks for sharing.

Posted 1 Month Ago

TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Month Ago

Roxanne, you are so appreciated for the reading and review of my work. You rock the casbah, God Ble.. read more

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Added on September 20, 2017
Last Updated on September 22, 2017


TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror
TerryDarcy-Ryan akaSheerTerror


When I was a young girl I was your average Tomboy. I lived to watch Star Trek the only thing that could take me away from the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise was playing Baseball with the boys. .. more..


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