Little Black Lines

Little Black Lines

A Story by Brandon Wilson

This is a story that explores the way we see things and how perception is important


               To begin we need to understand that this story takes place in a world very different form our own. It is a world without a left or a right, there is only above and below, in front or behind. And everything is a shade of grey, the people who live here do not feel saddened by this existence for it is all they know and are perfectly content with its simplicity, just as we are content with our limited perspective.  This tale begins with an experience, an interaction a young man has. This young man comes into contact with something he cannot explain. This interaction is caused by something falling from our world, and through his.

                He sat in his house reading the news paper as he did every morning, his coffee mug stemming, cooling slowly in the cold crisp morning air that filled his house. The pages crinkled as he turned them, a nice feeling. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of movement, he glanced up from his paper and saw a dot, but then it disappeared and was immediately replaced by two dots slightly apart. The two dots disappeared just as the first had and then reappeared. This repeated over and over, the dots seemed to grow farther and farther apart. Disappearing and reappearing instantly just a little further apart than before. They then began to close back together, growing closer and closer until they were a single point in the air once again, and then disappeared all together. The man was at a loss for words. This entire event happened in a space no bigger than a coin. But it was the strangest thing the man had ever seen. How could the thing, whatever it was, just float in the air, and how could it disappear and reappear so rapidly.

                The object the man saw is a common everyday object in our world and even exists in his, a ring. The problem for him was that he was seeing it from a different perspective than we would have. He could only see two dimensions of the object, and being from our world it had three. Describing what he saw would be very difficult for the man because he doesn’t understand it,and it’s a simple object. Putting the meaning of complex ideas into words is almost silly. When we try to describe our feelings with words it’s hard to convey what we are truly experiencing because the people we are telling see it form a different perspective. And the idea love or pain or joy isn’t something that can be simply put in a box and described with a single word.       

© 2013 Brandon Wilson

Author's Note

Brandon Wilson
Just an idea I had, kinda rough but just wanted to get it down

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Added on January 11, 2013
Last Updated on January 11, 2013


Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson

Asheville , NC

I just recently began venturing into the world of writing and would like to develop my ability's and create content I can share and be proud of. I enjoy juggling and being outdoors. more..