Into the Deep

Into the Deep

A Poem by Adam M. Snow

Oh woe I gaze into the deep, as I, myself from restless sleep stirred awake from pattering rain - upon the frosted window pane.


Into the Deep 
Written by Adam M. Snow 

Oh woe I gaze into the deep, 
as I, myself from restless sleep 
stirred awake from pattering rain - 
upon the frosted window pane. 

But what, oh what with great concern, 
cast a fright I did not yearn. 
The shadows span across the floor, 
shivers my soul ever-so-more. 

I hear the ticking of my clock, 
every second ticks it's tock. 
Moving forward past the hour, 
here I lay scoff and lour. 

But what, oh what aroused my sleep, 
stirred awake so I can reap? 
All my nights left to ponder, 
a faceless town left to squander. 

A town I once laid my heart, 
if not for a day torn apart. 
Had she loved without a cost, 
I would not have been lost. 

But that day she stole the best of me, 
as she downright cast me to the sea. 
A greed she was from the start, 
yet all she wanted was my heart. 

Yet why am I left to wonder, 
a feeling as if I'm left asunder; 
alone, partaking of this wine, 
where my memories soon decline? 

Each swig of wine I take, 
I regret that I'm awake. 
I let the memories of her decline, 
as I take from my glass of wine. 

Things that fear the dawn of the morrow - 
Alas! I drowned my sorrow. 
Her voice that kept me from my sleep; 
I cast aside into the deep. 

Alas! My soul to her untwine, 
as I take from my glass of wine, 
the sweet nectar upon my lips, 
as the rain upon my window drips. 

I take and take of my wine, 
taking back the time of mine. 
Reality came and struck me fast, 
unkempt, disreputable, vast - 

What I thought I left inside the deep, 
not the shrew yet still I reap. 
I drank myself into the deep, 
when I should've gone back to sleep.

© 2017 Adam M. Snow

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There was a masterful flow in this piece, and you are very good at conveying emotion in your work!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Powerful and good words shared my friend.
"I take and take of my wine,
taking back the time of mine.
Reality came and struck me fast,
unkempt, disreputable, vast - "
I did like the above lines. I know this place. I enjoyed the complete poem. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Love it love it love it love it and more

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is wonderfully depressing. There is so much emotion in this poem that I felt them all. It made me think that I was almost there with him. I can imagine him perfectly. I also loved the rhyme scheme and flow of the poem.

Posted 1 Year Ago

This poem has a wonderful, almost Edgar Allen Poe feel to it. Beautifully written and so very creative. Thank you for sharing Adam!

Posted 1 Year Ago

women,wine and memories,i wonder if they were meant to be together,,lovely write

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Adam M. Snow
Adam M. Snow

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