What Was It?

What Was It?

A Story by Stella

This is real, this happened to me. Whatever it was, it wanted me...

This is a different kind of history. Every single thing that I write here is fake, out of my imagination. This... this is real and it will hunt me forever.

One day, I woke up in the night out of nowhere. I always sleep in and not even an earthquake can wake me up, so this was weird.

I remember that it was cold, but before I could move, I felt someone opening the door slowly. I first taught that it was my mom, checking on me, but the fact that it was so slow it was weird.

Then, I heard slow footsteps coming to me. I was scared, one part of me was trying to think logically, saying that it was only my mom, but the other part was saying that this was not normal and it was paranormal. I was always attracted by the paranormal and so I thought that the second option was the right one.

After a few moments, I felt that... that thing climbing to my bed. I wasn't moving, I was scared and with those two combined I jumped unconsciously. Then I felt its presence gone, but I didn't calm down or move for a while.

In the morning (because I slept) I told this to my mom. Also, I heard my dog crying and because of this she said it was my dog calling for me.

But she also admitted that when she wasn't wearing her chain with the medal of the saint that she has, similar things happened to her.

Plus, when you reach your thirteen years (like I have), the protection that you had when you were a child disappears and you are vulnerable to any type of magic and spirits.

I think (my friends too) that it was a demon or an evil spirit what interrupted my sleep.

And yes, I wasn't wearing my chain with the medal of the saint that day.

So that's my creepiest story, and it happened this year.

It will haunt me forever...

© 2017 Stella

Author's Note

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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I've had many experiences like this, I know it's scary and it'll stay with you forever but over time the memory will fade. I hope all is well, and if you ever need any advice let me know. :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on August 31, 2017
Last Updated on August 31, 2017
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