My Ocean Dream

My Ocean Dream

A Poem by Nely Amorim

based on a dream I had recently... a little

Your sleek lines, glistening dark eyes beckon to me
Sun brightly sparkles on the peaks of the waves
Crashing into the shore
I hesitate, torn with indecision
A wonder of mystery as you glide beneath the sea

Chattering playfully, a fin raised in greeting
I race to the waters edge, my love follows me
Stopped short in reality, our differences show
I can not join you in your water playground

Still you�re insistent, again you call to me
I feel the power of your calling
Behind me is a familiar voice
Begging �don�t you go� voice cracks with fear
I turn to him with hope, I will not leave you

But I turn again at a splash and my mind is set free
Against my will my feet step in and to you I am pulled
My heart pounds hard against my chest
As my fingers touch your skin
Cool yet warm, rough but smooth as well

Slowly I am mesmerised as I look in your eyes
The spoken word is not required
As I hear what you�ve said
�Come with me, and play awhile�
I may not return at all, I take a grip

A gasp of fear beyond is heard
I glance back to the beach
My love splashes in, his hand held in beseech
�Please..� he calls, my regret is deep
I fall in beneath the sea

The wonder of the ocean deep
Is a marvel and a dream
My lungs are filled with air I need
All is not as it seems
�Stop! I beg, I can�t go on
My heartbreak is complete

My love calls to me and it is he I seek
The sadness goes through me deep
I reach the shore and search the sands
And there he sits forlorn
I fall to my knees �my love, you are who I need�

The chattering sound reaches my ears
As you bid me fond adieu
I can only dream someday again
We�ll meet somewhere � farewell.

© 2008 Nely Amorim

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Nice job. Though, you're missing a few commas and apostrophes. Quality work :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

hmm...interesting. I really enjoyed this piece. Its truly amazing, like a huge wall murel only painted with words. Great write, Melanie

Posted 9 Years Ago

AWWWWW! Its Flipper! lol Beautiful poem. Bottle-nose dolphins are some of the most intelligent and beautiful of God's creatures with the most complicated language on the planet even surpassing English! lol This is just teriffic. I love the Chinese river dolphins too, the only freshwater dolphins (endangered). What a dream.

Posted 9 Years Ago

confusing? perhaps but, it seems to me that you have a deep and fond love of the ocean and it's creatures which may explain the "dream wish" to dive into the ocean to explore and play with the dolphins, perhaps learning of the "mysteries of life" from the swimmers of the sea?

What a dream!! If only.... we could go deep without scuba gear and fins. Thanks for sharing you dream!! If you ever discover a way to dive deep and explore with the dolphins, let me know. I'd enjoy tagging along on that adventure. ;~) Sallie Bear

Posted 9 Years Ago

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The title of this poem is what attracted me. I have a soft spot for everything related to the ocean, that is my number one weakness. I love the way you narrated it, and it really is shrouded in this dream-like atmosphere. Overall it's very nicely done, the reader can almost relive the journey taken in this poem, feel the mixed emotions of regret, curiosity, longing, love, remorse, etc.
good job,


Posted 9 Years Ago

loved this poem, I could feel myself diving into the ocean depths,
and the storyline captured my heart completely. what becomes
of broken dreams, magnificently done melanie, I am moved.

The wonder of the ocean deep
Is a marvel and a dream

Posted 9 Years Ago

What wonderful imagery you present... this dream to me says you will find what your looking for in the most unlikely place or even life is full of surprises and what you end up needing is not what you thought... eithere way this is truly a masterpiece of writing my friend.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The sadness goes through me deep
I reach the shore and search the sands

Your longing seems evident...and this piece makes me very melancholy. Great write, though, Mel. Beautiful imagery.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Excellent poem off your dreams:) I wouldn't be chock full of fear though! I have sharks with laser beams who will rough up that upstart ruffian of a dolphin for daring to try to take my woman. I'll turn him into chopped sushi for his sheer gall! I ought to go out to the nearest aquarium and mock a dolphin (though I'll need a map first)

Fantastic poem. I wish I had dreams this vivid. xxxx

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Nely Amorim

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