One Thing To Start It All

One Thing To Start It All

A Poem by Crifa

Just one spark,
A flick of flint,
The strike of steel,
Can light a fire,
A smoke covered veil.

Just one man,
A dream of fame,
An idea of great,
Can change the world,
And a poor man's fate.

Just one girl,
A thing of beauty,
A creature of grace,
Can change a man,
From his soul to his face.

Just one God,
An almighty being,
A creator of all,
Can make all good,
No matter how far we fall.

Life is full of little wonderful things,
Just look around and watch as your world changes,
Soon you will understand what makes small men kings.

© 2012 Crifa

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Such a powerful meaning behind these words. It's wonderful.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Over and over again, no matter how many times I read it, the words are still the same, but I swear it has an infinite meaning. Yes Crifa, this review will be a long one as you can see.
Every word is so true, the style is unique, but yet every single stanza focuses on it's own individual topic and pretty much gives us a lesson on to what is truly going on in this world.
You start off with one of my favorites: fire. How it can just start off from the smallest spark and ignite the whole world if it had it's chance. "a smoke covered veil". Not only is that excellent wording, but it stays consistent with the unique rhyme scheme that you never stray from. I believe it is truly a gift to be able to import meanin into poems while still making then rhyme. Next you say how a single man can change everything, just an idea, a dream, just a simple thought, can impact everything people hold true and, as you say, can change even the poor man's fate.
Next you go on about how a girl, just another simple human being, can make the largest difference to someones life. And even though this doesn't impact a lot of people, its still amazing because it impacts 1 person a whole lot. The last line is once again amazing as you incorporate the fact that these impacts can change a man both physically and mentally. And this usually (although indirectly) can change the whole world into a nicer place. People can help other people to indirectly help themselves!
Your next stanza states the simple power of the Almight God. How no matter what happens, God always has control, and he can fix things. Even if you fall out of line, God can catch you, "no matter how far you fall". Once again, amazing.
Now the last stanza, this one is quite beautiful in itself as it sums up an amazing poem with an amazing ending. It straight up simply states how life is full of beautiful and wonderful things, and that if people would just take a second to listen, to just stop, then maybe they'll learn a thing or two. "small men become kings", easily the best line in the poem. A great way to end it! True leadership isnt from size or strength, but through success, through what people love, and even the smallest of men can bring this. But you've got a point, a lot of people sometimes miss that little fact and they end up sitting there wondering why small men do rule them.

There are a lot of things in this world that people don't understand that well, misdirect, or just simply think is wrong. This poem has the power to change all that. This poem gives an easy new perspective onthe way we see things. From fire, to love, to helpfulness, to a God that knows it all, and unexpected royalty, this poem has nothing bad to say about anything, or at least not in the text. The message is quite clear as you mention everything that humans have the capabilities of completing, but yet we chose not to. Or maybe it's not a choice. Jealousy? Greed? Anger? It could be all three or none for all we know. It's truly the fact of mentioning everything we have the power to harness, everything we can pretty much control, that the true horrors of our life enter our minds. You imagine all he rage, every ing we can possibly do wrong, and compared side by side with the true powers of this world, they seem even more evil, terrible, and even quite feeble. People need to understand the true values of life, the true powers, the things that contold our own breath, either by taking it away, or giving it back. It's these things that you seem to have realized and captured so well. I can tell just through your writing that you know what's important in life. You know what you'll chase. Hopefully more writing like this will clear up some people's mind Anne go e them some insight on how to olive life properly.

All in all, I thought the poem was great, I liked the style and meaning. 3 rhymes every 5 lines is unique but you didn't seem to have any trouble adaptin to it. Really great job, you're remarkable and don't ever let somebody tell you otherwise. You have a gift and if you keep spending it on things like this then I'm sure the world will be one step closer to true, and final, peace.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wow! This is extraordinary! The words you use are so very true. Dont every stop writing, you have a gift.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Really good, and beautifully written.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 17, 2012
Last Updated on June 19, 2012
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