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A Story by TopHatProductions115

I am attempting to write an original (Sci-Fi) story about a person who looses everything he has, and later acts as an unlikely protagonist overseas, away from what he knew as a normal life.

I am currently trying to write a new story, but need guidance. What I have so far is a rough synopsis of the character's past, and where he will possibly go next in his life. It has a limited set of dialogue, and has been added on to substantially. What I am looking for is some suggestions on what to add to the story, like more explainations of specific concepts (if needed). If you like something, make sure to say so, so I continue to emulate it in future writing(s). This is simply a timeline story/plot plan. It is not meant to be a final product yet, and has no time limit, so it can be reworked as much as needed. 

The link is here, for those who want to see/edit/comment.

(Provides acces to the entire content folder)

NOTE: for those who wish to comment/edit, please PM or e-mail me for permission, and time arrangements. group collaberation has to be organized somewhat in advance...

This is my first story.

© 2017 TopHatProductions115

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Added on January 12, 2015
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