A Tale

A Tale

A Story by Dahlia Phoenix

Rosemary was a beautiful woman who lived in the countryside. She loved to watch the sun rise from the horizon, always captivated from the rose gold of dawn. Meadows surrounded her with thousand of colored roses from red to green but it didn't matter to her. She loved the quiet and peace it brought. Her hair was soft as silk, a chocolate brown that fit well with her olive skin. The one thing all men were captivated toward her though was her eyes. They seemed so unrealistic but they were there. Pure violet that shaded her eyes making her seem almost like a small child. There was nothing to fear, nothing to say. She was simply perfect.

Belphegor was a demon. He seeked fresh blood, a virtue to consume for his being. He was always alert for his surroundings. He hated humans especially women. They were time consuming and openly aroused to any men they touched. Luckily, with his looks he had gained a demeanor and killed all of them; dragging them to hell. Belphegor hid in the thick fog, prowling and hungry for more souls. Nothing could unbound him from unspeakable terrors but one evening he was walking through the forest waiting for nightfall when his green eyes noticed something that struck him hard. Her scent was cinnamon...it was a scent he had never sensed from others. The wind seemed to caress her skin as she laid there staring at the black night, brown hair flowing everywhere.

He watched her from a distance and couldn't contain the urge to make her his prey. Hiding against a oak tree, he saw her stand up and when he saw her eyes... he was a goner. Never in his lifetime had he seen surreal eyes held with so much affection and care. Even if he couldn't hear her voice it sung out to him through the calling of nature.

Rosemary walked up the hill but her body felt tingly, almost feeling a presence following her. She nervously turned around but nothing was there. Before she moved forward, something violently pulled her down feeling the body weight of the demon above her. Her eyes were big as he held a firm grip on her wrists. Escape was impossible and she closed her eyes to welcome death. She knew she wouldn't live forever...

Belphegor was amused at her reaction. Most of them would start screaming causing him to rip out their throats but this girl...so young and fragile...

Instead, he leaned down and caught her lips. Her violet eyes flew open in terror feeling his raw tongue penetrating her mouth. This was the first time any man had kissed her! Belphegor's dark inhibitions were pulsing through his coal-black veins as he grasped onto her making her moan.

Rosemary felt like her soul was being sucked away but the feel of his cold skin on hers felt so perfectly matched. She didn't know what it was but she could feel a lust that she'd never felt before. Rosemary knew who this was...Belphegor, from the hills of Northern Ireland had come to seek her, trap her into his own realm.

Belphegor teleported alongside her to another dimension. Rubies covered the cave along with emeralds and amethyst gems that sparkled the reflection of her eyes. Obscure markings carved through the walls with blood.

Belphegor tore her clothing with one swift motion and took off his own barrier to exert this feelings. He cradled her being within his hold and thrusted deep into her core making her bleed; flowing down her legs as she bit his neck. The evocative feelings were intense and too much to take. He continued on with his alarming pace, causing her to bleed more but at this point, she didn't care. He had awakened something evil in her heart as her violet irises turned a purple shade almost clouding all thought...

"Belphegor, I am yours. Please take me."

Belphegor's dark brown hair were damp against his skin as his green eyes stared at her with something he'd never felt before. She was so different, unbelievably free from innocence itself...

He had taken the only thing she cherished and it made him even hungrier for more. In this realm now, they could continue on with their rough, spontaneous sex for eternity but he didn't want her to run away from him after this.

"Rosemary..." He ran his hands through her chocolate hair and held her so close to him he could feel her blood running through her flesh. He touched every inch of her and she caressed every inch of his accursed vessel.

Belphegor gently placed her down on the stoned floor before whispering in her ear in a Gaelic tongue making her eyes water with tears. Then he bit through her flesh and took her soul. Rosemary laid there an empty shell but not before he cut through his wrist and forced his own blood into her small being. Minutes passed and the howls from hell spoke through her mouth...

Violet irises snapped in his direction and he smiled. Rosemary was his. Always would be his and with that he pounced, consuming themselves into an inferno of torture and amity.

Many villagers speak that a terrible curse was left after this happened. Those who approach the same area these two met would disappear in the fog and their screams would be heard for days until the sun rose on the seventh day.

It is also said that Belphegor and Rosemary desecrated the plains where the crops grew with their blood smearing the rich soil; souls of the fallen pleading for release.

Whatever tale is spoken one thing is certain: No evil is greater than love bounded by its opposite reflection.

© 2011 Dahlia Phoenix

Author's Note

Dahlia Phoenix
Another installment to my writing. Hope you enjoy!

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oh my god. this is an incredible story!
you got me from the very first sentence. the imagery is just perfect. you captured every scene magically. :) brilliance flows from every word to another. i really loved the concept, and how you wrote all of these. thanks for sharing a very interesting story.
an amazing write from you! ♥♥♥

Posted 5 Years Ago

You are a storyteller. I like the way you made the story have life. The description of the two characters allow the reader to see two views of the world. I like how you twist the innocent girl into the helper and companion. No weakness in this story. Add artwork and this would be a powerful storybook. Thank you sharing the outstanding story.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is awesome. Hentai imagery for me. I love it. Well done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This was amazing :) I cant wait for you to write more stories :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

"Belphegor was a demon." :O Haha!
Very nice story! I enjoyed reading this...Also, I think, of all the writings I've read her so far, this is so one of a kind...The concept, how you narrated it, the characters, the descriptions...Oh, anyway, I find this excellent! Keep writing stories... :)))

Posted 6 Years Ago


Posted 6 Years Ago

This is amazing! Beautifully written :) I was sucked in! Well done :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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