A Chapter by Hannah Rose

First Chapter to Harpers City of Silence.

In her city there was no shouting.
In her city there were no maddening cries.
In her city there was no bouting.
In her city there were no “whose wrong or rights?”

Sound, in it’s absence, made up the very fabric of her silent city which was a significant display of architecture with buildings, mostly black, dark purple, and dark blue, twisting and turning in peculiar ways towards the clouds. One wooden structure shot up straight, looking like a spike along the city's skyline. 

The lights turned on to wake her up at 7 o'clock. She slipped out from beneath her covers and into her yellow colored clothing which lay folded on a small yellow table adjacent to her bed, which was covered in a bundle of yellow blankets and pillows, all varying in hues. A small yellow sink and a small circular mirror with yellow flowers along its edges, sat across the room waiting for her to ensure the healthiness of her teeth. She did this with a long, thin device, which she held up to her mouth. The motion censored technology lit up green as a laser like ray passed over her teeth. The device blinked red when it was finished and she proceeded to rinse her mouth with water, the water spilling ever so silently from the faucet into her small rinsing cup.

With no hair to brush, Harper only took a moment to inspect her appearance in the small flower rimmed mirror, before stepping silently into the pink striped hallway of her tenant building. Making her way down the twisting hall, she came to a staircase which spiraled downwards towards a clear glass door which opened onto the city streets.

Harper was 17, and beginning to learn her trade. Her career path had already been chosen. She would work on an assembly line creating led pencils out of wood. If she perhaps excelled at her job, she would be promoted to creating other wooden objects. Such as the wood cases that held the pencils.

She traveled along the city streets, tall, dark structures curving above her, the special architecture creating a silent path for the wind to pass through the city. The dark colored buildings were made of slick materials and Harper could see her own reflection as she passed by each building. The reflection of all others traveling on the streets also appeared on the building walls, creating a maze of mirrors.

When she arrived at the pencil factory, the one wooden structure in the city that spiked up towards the sky, she eagerly entered the light colored building, and was directed to be taken on a tour along with several other pencil-makers-to-be, by a training manager. All other pencil-makers-to-be, were dressed in yellow clothing, like Harper, while the training manager was dressed in green, and wore the black, lensless glasses, which were worn by everyone who held a teaching position in the city. They were shown a multitude of working areas, one of which each of them would eventually find a place.

The first thing Harper noticed when being taken to the “pencil inspection room”. was the slow, and meticulous manner in which the inspection workers did their work. A worker would pick up a pencil, inspect it for damage, then lay it down, eraser first, before lowering it to a horizontal position.
One worker failed in putting his pencil down slowly, and it made a slight sound as it hit the table. Among the silence, the noise rang out through the inspection lines. The man's face immediately grew bright red, and he received stern looks from those around him.

The trainer then beckoned for the trainees to follow him into a separate room that was empty, save a small screen on a small table against the far wall. On this screen, displayed in typed words, was an explanation to the occurrence that had just taken place.

"The care necessary in pencil making is a largely important skill. As we know, noise insights issues, issues politically and socially. Before our capital city was established the world relied on noise to solve their problems. They created sounds with their throats that incited hatred and violence. Rebellions were common occurrences, and they even used a type of noise called "music" to spread their anger and violence. In order to live in a peaceful world, silence is essential. However with a material like wood, which was once used to make what they called "music", one must be careful not to disturb the work place."

Harper lived in a silent world.

© 2018 Hannah Rose

Author's Note

Hannah Rose
I’m aware of grammar issues, but still welcome corrections.

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Added on January 3, 2018
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Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose


I am 20, a barista, and a student. I plan on teaching English as a second language in a foreign country after graduating college, and I love to write. I am also a Christian and hope to use my writing .. more..