a pome or prayer

a pome or prayer

A Poem by aaron

this is my first time in a wile writing anything like this. its been years seance i placed my words on paper and then hear. i found this poem while striving for the truth. am i still a poet.or a shell


I cannot help.

For I don not know.

I cannot run.

For I do not see.

I am alone here.

The pen a knife,

Cutting at my hand.

I cannot help,

For I have forgotten.

I cannot stand,

For I have no grounds.

I wish to express my pain and sorrow,

But lack the eloquence.

Lack the belief.

The love,

The pain,

The virtue.

I am empty.

Void of reason.

It was so easy once.

To take that knife and cut away.

The facades falling to my feet.

Personas cracking.

Then breaking.

Like a beautiful vase,


Leaving behind the ashes of death.

Now I must push,

Strive for reality.

For it has become solid in their blood.

Ravaged by their wills.

Truth has become lies,

And lies have become truths,


This is my pain.

My madness.

My insanity.

Looking for the something.

Yet finding nothing.

Looking for,

Finding nothing.




More lies

Doubting everything.

With no other evidence,

Than faith.

I find myself falling into an ibis.

My chest left behind.

My pain chasing after.

Dear Lord,

Dear God,

Help Me.

© 2017 aaron

Author's Note

i found my self still wondering if i had the potential to wright anything. i have done some short story's but it has been years seance i wrought a poem. i wanted to get back to it. then i found my old account on hear. and surprisingly still remembered the password. please let me know what you think. even if its "YOU SUCK BRO!"

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Ok, first off, very nice meaning behind this. I love it. (:

Now, a few mistakes:
"I cannot help. For I don knot know." Knot needs to be not.

"I am alone hear." Hear should be here.

"I cannot help. For I have forgotten. I cannot stand. For I have no grounds." Instead of periods after 'help' and 'stand', commas may be better suited."

"Personas cracking. then braking. Like a beautiful vase, Shattering. Leaving behind the ashes of death." 'Braking' should be 'breaking'. 'Then' should be capitalized.
And also, I love that line. ^^^

So, only a few small mistakes. But, overall, a very beautiful poem!

Posted 3 Years Ago

A splendid read and write...Good to see you write again with vigor...Bravo

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on August 26, 2013
Last Updated on May 23, 2017
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A Poem by aaron