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A Poem by Bob Bob

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For the Apostle Paul was unware of the works of the spirit presiding over his authorship

For I am unware of the works of the flesh presiding over my authorship

For the Apostle Paul was in the presence of others

For I am in the presence of myself and I.



Under the tamarisk tree their lay a sleeping giant

A fallen angel,the one stricken from heaven,the one never to return,the one destined to become many beasts

First he was a plain angel,diligent in all tasks,never missed a beat

Second he aroused his curiosity for the human kind,if we do consider the circumstances involved we do reason why do we tend to rouse opposites into attraction.

We must keep them far from each other as in not to cause dispute or settlement.

Transforming into a kindred thierantrphic spirit,becoming part man and beast,ponderings on the mistreatment by God,the flaws in his design,not accoustmed to his potency to slithering on his frontside,    Gabriel,heavily panting

An inversion had occurred

Michael and His Archangels, had become instruments of a corruptible evil, a  pacificst spirit capable of no harm

This had disrupted the spotenaous order of nature,

For one must die for another to live

What have we learned from Bethelhem,

What have we learned from Babel

One must correct himself,before correcting orther

Not pointing out the rafter on the other’s eyes  forgetting your own in the process as sapped from some mystique of the magical arts.

For one versed in the arts would register the painstaking process of drawing some conclusive evidence from a random assortment of entrails

One would begin a chant such that a crowd will be drawn to its focial point and become  lost in the derisions and delusisons of a drunken chant

Where is the liver 

Where is the Ox’s tail

One could reason that we are in an elementary form of divination( we are perhaps listing ingredients for to create a stew of such standard that Esau began to pass his birthright before coming back from the field,therefore not asking the questions which prompoted such inqiuiry  in Birthright .Hence we can summarise thereof.

1)      Where is the soup

2)      Jacob for I know that the fruits of cultivation is far better tasting than my prerogative, my right to procure, acquire food is my important right

3)      Keep that babble for your intimate conversations with God,I have no interest in such exaggerated,superfluous statements,for the words that you prophesy are the words of Canaanite

If these statements were passed without question we can theoretically assume that a figurative  or even a literal handover of soup from one pair of hands to another pair of hands would ocurr in complete silience , such as the concept of  telepathy was wired into both character of discusion

For we do now the beginning and the end of Esau,what a constrast this is to our own lives.

Must we go on correcting each other, rectifiiying one’s faults and making peace with another.

What is God ?







The seductive tongue of the immoral woman

The femminity climbed on their hands,exercising true dominance over the seed,reguitrating,fostering erotic notions with great youthful  luminosity.

The wayward women speaks with an undertone,as if drawing attention not to the hearings and the mutterings of the women, but to the subetelty at which due to a surplus of buyers in a marketplace,items expire as if they momentarily decided to conform to flesh-time,prompting at  first a self inqiuiry (where the items of discussion really exist in the first place ,did their existence promote material deprvation,altenrativley they did really exist in the tangible form,or is this some form of lucid dream in which the subject ascribes the dreamworld to a real-world disposition,entity and claim pertaining to a discussion of what conistitues as a reality,to what extent objects undergo a human procession(through  tangible interaction) to either posess features of hyperreality,second an inquiry about the existence of an object,what was a physical object,what was an abstract object in the sense of mathematical philosophy. If a seasoned orator was to rate in other words form an opinion based on the delivery of the speech,the punch packed in the formation of words,dipthongs,phonemoes expressed in sentences, this femmine subject  by the art of persuasion and hints of subltelty .The former will be rendered as a logical truth,for one that speaks with a seductive tongue is defacto ,a persuasive one, whetehe we render tongue as in a mastery of various traditional and ancient langagues.As in this day and age,youthful spirits regard Latin as an ancient languages,those well versed in the etymologie of Latin,the root of modern European languges.Returning back to the wayward women we can render her speech  nonsense,heretical,sacreligious,a tool ,an instrument of the sexualisation.An incarnate of an Eve.To repeat the rumoured words of Pontinus Pliate quod scirpsi,scirpisi






Duality and reciprocity was a mark on the human condition.

For the caveman bartered light for artistic freedom in the antechambers of the cave

For the ice cream vendor bartered a place to set up in order to gain a meagre fund to sustain a revenue

A handshake symbolised the meeting place of two hands,a sort of brotherly attraction joined both palms to each other

The first palm was industrious, scraped with the marks of workman, we almost imagine his daily endeavours in the  human society as a sort of handyman,the jack of all trades sort,not combusting his resources in all efficient means,a half-hearted effort,not the concerted effort of white collar employment, not a full application of his tools.

 So then the second palm was as industrious as the first who didn’t become the last as pronounced by the words of Jeshua,Micheal or Jesus the nazerene.Theroetically the same,fleshly the same but the etyomologies were suitable for different situations.As one refered to him in his youth,one referred to him in the present,past and the future and one was the original name given to him if it wasn’t for the unfortunate circustances at Eden,bliss would have reached the inner souls of our inner physical bodies lending to a concept of ettemeu,a ghost prevaliing over everything not attached,no constraints ( It was not the inspection of the hand that was the focus or it’s detail in the former,it was the formation of the fingers (that made up the palm)(

Look! The palm remained stoic and docile until the fingers picked on the remains of inactivity and inactions and started pacing themselves

One accomplished the feat of calligraphy which aided the development of multiple vestiges such as cartography,the instrument of cartography

One accomplished the feat of imitation,however not knowning the sense at which it should act with the art of imitation,Caesar commanded it and it blindly followed

As for the rest of the fingers they are placeholders ,they are meaningless,their activity was only measured by a sole group of individuals,their acomplishmments measured by a scale of only one


The second palm was a right hand

The importance of Righthand was touched upon in many themes , it became the focal point of a heated discussion of the Apostles

To whatever type of hand of it(this lacks relevance and is a concept of media hecklers not hecklers who pose as a source of practical or dogmatic skepctisim but hecklers in which are overtly superstitious by the meeting of two pieces of flesh claiming  that power is resident of those how illustrate firm handshakes and how this was proportional to the success of one chosen to be a leader out of a democratic process.

Nevertheless the palm was a right hand but the fingers were crooked not in the way a criminal becomes crooked from repeat offences,or way one would repair a door due to it’s slight slant away from a tangential line.The palm was crooked the way one such a faifthful Christian was cruxified on a piece of wood nailied to another piece of wood,not resmembling a tender,but fragile cross shape adopted from blind nations that were public shaministis,this would do injustice to the greek word (insert word for cross)(which is render incorrectly)

Furthermore as just as the sons of the true god split from apart from each other

One attached to another in a bond of affection,companionship and in the flesh will fall to a state of vertigo,a state of hell,a state of everlasting contempt,a bablyonian netherworld,ghosts of the former bond will carry on living,living as ghosts

For the antihero, the antagonist the  devil worked in mysterious ways and so did his counterapart,his cosmic oppoisite the benefactor of all creation God acted in mysterious ways

Lest we shouldn’t forget that we are assuming that we are agnostic,atheistic,we shall not belive in the intellegible or the uninltelligbe idea of god

As for the eight heads,their rumoured appearance had not faltered my faith

I express that their appreance was a result of heretical speakers,blashempous teachings,teachings that are not trinatrian,teachings that expose the mistakes of God

For the scroll of the life we heard about,is the mistakes of God,the being of God,we are all Gods in our image…

For the separation of Sheep and Goats is a lie,the end times are a mystery for the foretold things have not come to pass

I,myself have witnessed all revealed to me through the acpolyatic visions that God ,Allah, the Abrahamic God, Yeshua  Marduk, Isis ,Tammuz, Baal has hitherto revealed.

Look!  I saw the eight heads,ten horns beast previously disposed,misplaced by the shakings of the earth,by the fertility and sturdiness of the seed shoot roots out of the air

Look ! I saw the roots entangle every living being as it was for this system in which compulsion was placed .

Look I saw the seed being pierced with pilas and lances for the rest of the  times

So then the sons of the true god were held up high as they went about exalting themselves in the honor of themselves

For this is the prophesy that the Apostle John pronounced in Relevation.












The communion returned to it’s mountain

Look! I saw people cry out “Let’s tear out the name of God out of texts for he is a delinquent,he is another vanquished entity

Whether these “people”  some went en mass,some others in indepdent inquiries about the possiblility of deity-driven theology were in agreement with the injustices of God,there was a common moral census and social census delivering a clear memondarum to the ravines of the heaven

The reader might out of interest want to inquire about the pejoration of an object pertaining to to provide a sense of divinity or be composite divine hitherto experienced in the narrative .From the narrative perspective it’s  provides a sense of fludility,such you see in a unripe fruit until touched upon the “lights of the sun” allowing the unblemished fruit to be “englignted ,and highlight certain tones as  multiple octogernian and septegeranians like to smoothen or enlighten then face with a false sense of agelessness.Thus via prima facie age is unlike other human factors which throne themselves either due to individual pursuits or a physical threshold of that desired quality.To imagine this situation we shall use this concept of love.So then consider this illustration  a mother dotingly cares for a new-born baby,undertaking the tasks necceasry for post-fetal development,in recognition of the love distriuted through the mother’s bosom,ineccessant feeding which produce nutritional imabalance not experienced by a fetus,the new-born responds by giving tears back (as an exchange of love.Here we see there is mutual agreement,the mother unconditionally provides love,upon reciving this package of love,the newborn seperates,categorises and processes this love,hence resulting in the competence errors,the groaning and whining of the flesh and the  casting of tears in the mothers and her child’s faces. Returning to our discussion about age it is said that age remains the cupbearer of experience but not wisdom. Whatsoever the usage of ravines is clearly synonymous with rivers( however the the navigation of such waterways are entirely different in the helm’s eye).As noted from history which seemingly provides obvious untruths about man’s creation and by the illustrative power variation from the rivers of the heavens (river’s permeating,allowing passage of the holy truth,the truth without a lie,the truth and only the truth.The reader should note that the heveans is rarely ever in the singular form it’s found always in the plural form to probe at a hypothetical distance and literal distance separating fleshly objects with works of the spirit and the ravines of the heavens.















© 2017 Bob Bob

Author's Note

Bob Bob
1st Poem:For the Apostle Paul was unware of the works of the spirit presiding over his authorship
For I am unware of the works of the flesh presiding over my authorship
For the Apostle Paul was in the presence of others
For I am in the presence of myself and I.
2nd Poem Title: Vulgo dicitur: Quod non videt oculus, cor non dolet.
3rd Poem Title: Unfinished Poem/novella
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