Mirrored Pane

Mirrored Pane

A Poem by Aukai

"Not falling from grace, but dive with intent Resurface and strive. Refuse to relent"


Mirrored Pane

A window within, stare deep in its hue

Reflect, don’t neglect. Accept what was you

With a whisper and twitch it recites your name

Gaze hard at that mocking, picture-less frame

Charades in the shade. Cruel lies in the light

Mistakes you have made and wrongs to set right

Behold, that face; that painful façade

That which has since passed, yet ceases to fade

Break free.

Shed actions once done. Delve beyond the pane

Let go of the past. Release to obtain

A future. A choice. A day free from dark

Recall on its lessons. Hold dear to its mark

Now breathe.

Splinter and crack. Lay shard upon piece

Compose your mistakes. Bind struggles with ease

It is not who you are-that face in the glass

It died with your faults. You’ve yet come to pass

You’re new.

THIS face is your gift. A limitless chance.

To renew what’s inside. To reform your stance

Crash through choking guilt. Rebuke all resent

Rebirth your devotion. Do not be content

Not falling from grace, but dive with intent

Resurface and strive. Refuse to relent

You’re new.

Shine and grow free from the thunder and rain

Break onward and through that Mirrored Pain




© 2017 Aukai

Author's Note

Accept what you reflect-for WE ARE NEW

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Daring perspective; pioneered by The Very First Rebel, I believe.
Cleverly penned.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Your writing is truly amazing. The rhyme and words beautifully form to structure something fascinating. Well done!

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on October 1, 2017
Last Updated on October 2, 2017
Tags: Poetry, self, growth, regret



Greensboro, NC

Aspiring scribe and wordsmith-with deep interests in the dark. more..

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