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My Story

A Story by Ana

Is a story about a girl who got raped.


As she gets in the shower she still remembers, she can’t get it out of her body, she can’t get it out of her mind, she can’t forget. That horrible sensation, that sensation that will haunt her forever. As she scrubs her body with soap she still feels his lips, she feels disgusted and tears are rolling down her face. She scrubs harder and tries to erase them, even though she cannot erase them from her mind, she cannot un-feel that dreadful sensation. She gets out the shower and sits in her towel, she is still crying. “How can I let this happen? What did I do to provoke this? I didn’t ask for it… I can’t tell nobody about this.” How in the world is she going to tell her mother that she got raped? She was a straight A student, she did sports, she helped the elderly, she gave food and clothes to the homeless, she had a boyfriend, and was very popular with such a big heart. She always had a smile on her face, and helped anybody that was in need, but what happens when suddenly her whole life takes a turn as she is walking down the street after a party at her friend's house on a saturday night? It was a quiet night, the street was silent, it has never been this quiet before, it actually felt nice out. As she is enjoying the night sky she hears something behind her, like footsteps. She turns around and there is nobody, she starts getting nervous and starts walking faster. She hears it again but this time she doesn’t turn around she just picks up her pace in a hurry to get home. As she is about to turn the corner a hand suddenly covers her mouth, she tries to fight back and all of a sudden she gets knocked out. As she is waking up she sees that she is tied up and has a gag over her mouth, there are several men standing around, all wearing masks and she cannot see them. She tries to scream but that’s impossible, they start raping her. Tears are rolling down her eyes while she tries to fight them, they hit her and call her names. All that is going through her mind is how is she going to escape, she didn’t ask to be raped, she doesn’t want this. After they are done they throw her out on the street. Her clothes are ripped and she has blood dripping from her nose, she starts running home with tears rolling down her eyes. She gets home, her mom is asleep. She quickly goes to her room and runs into the bathroom, she takes her clothes off and gets her scrubber and tries to scrub that disgusting smell and kisses off her body, she just sits there with the water running.

As she gets in the shower she still remembers, she can’t get it out of her body, she can’t get it out of her mind, she can’t forget. Today is a new day, her mom calls her downstairs for breakfast but she doesn’t want to eat. She says that she feels sick and, she doesn’t feel like doing anything today. Her mother worries and asks “did something happen yesterday night honey? At the party you went to?” She says “No mom, don’t talk about last night I don’t ever want to remember that night… never ever…” tears start rolling down her cheek and her mom says “are you okay? Do you need something, I can-” she interrupts “no mom get out my room, I don’t want anything.”

© 2016 Ana

Author's Note

Please tell me what do you think so far, I am open to all comments. I am not finished yet.

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I love this piece, it is so real and pure. I do have a suggestion, there is a part where you say "I can't tell nobody," I would change it to "anyone" to make the flow sound better. Also, I love how you make it kind of like a flashback going back to that night. Well work!!

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Omg, thank you so much for your review. It means a lot and will do thanks once again.

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Hardeeville, SC

I have a big passion for writing poems, stories and other things. I just write whatever comes to my mind, sometimes is relate-able and helpful. more..

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