A Poem by ashkat

The language we use to define, to describe... It's powerful


Oh! You are havin' a laugh right?

Difficult? Fuckable? Challenging?

A go-er? A s**t? A w***e?

Hot? Wild? Crazy? Me?

Aw.... that's so sweet of you to say!

A "nice" girl?

Girlfriend material?

A potential mother to your future children? Me?

You sure, mate?

Why can’t I be strong? Intelligent? Independent?

Why not "great CEO material"?



"An upstanding gentlewoman"?

Why not "contained" instead of "cold"?

Why not "passionate" instead of "emotional"?

Why not "assertive" instead of "b***h"?

And why can't I be both:

Successful AND compassionate.

Determined AND kind.

A born leader. A nurturing leader.

Why does kind, compassionate, nurturing need to equal soft, weak, feeble?

And maternal as a slur?! Really??

Do you even know how much strength there is in




And please, almighty male!

Can't my internal world hold the attributes for your approval?

Must my waist size, attractiveness, skin, height, hair, weight, eyes, legs, a*s, tits

Always be my currency?

My entire worth?

And do tell me, Supreme Male Court:

At what point did you convene and decide that your desire to f**k me,

Or love me,

Or have me please you

Was my sole purpose?

My carrot on a stick?

My golden ticket?

Definitions might seem benign to you.

Comments might spring so naturally to your lips

You don't even engage your mind,

Your conscience,

Your privilege.

But s**t sticks.

And a moment on the lips... well,

It's a lifetime on all our hips.

So let's



© 2018 ashkat

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Added on December 22, 2017
Last Updated on January 8, 2018



United Kingdom

Mostly nonsense and mind vomit. The shyest scribe, The pen in the swordfight more..

Gloria Gloria

A Poem by ashkat