Decaying World

Decaying World

A Poem by Carly

I am the victim of what lies ahead; realize, listen, pretend, you believe.
Never moving into the atmosphere. Blind to every single smile on your faces.
Desert, leave, try just to fail. Scratched knees from falling bodies.
Lift whom you hate. Drop them to the ground. Let their fragile bones bruise.

Always examine what isn't right, so you'll be the first to broadcast.
Chicken out. End your fears. Reach for something that you think is there.

Dress yourself in colours you hate. So you can show the world they aren't like you.
Make yourself a name. To tell the public to implant it in their brains.
Trade your race for something different. To be in someone else's shoes for once.
Never die, just kill the people who made your soul rotten inside out.

Your only a trademark that is yet to be discovered. Blending into us.
You are the new way of putting gas in our cars.
Beating, accomplishing, winning. No-ones ever gone this far.
Humans unite this place into something I call a decaying world.

Look upon this reality, inside it all you'll see a lost dream.
Burn everything you thought wasn't real. Since what's unreal now has become so alive.
Dive into this bleeding soul, that will love you for being the smile upon my face.
Everyone has a reason to want someone inside their mind.

Rely on being let down. So you'll survive: the world that hides.
Live on the edge, creating a new meaning for "rebel".
Surpassing every failed attempt to change this place of boredom.
Every tear is costing you. The frown: Your dead soul.
Do you think this will get you to happiness? Is it where you feel loved?
Decaying inside are your impaired thoughts. Don't let this lead to your suicide.

© 2016 Carly

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Added on April 26, 2016
Last Updated on April 26, 2016



toronto, ontario, Canada

I don't think it matters if you are moving towards some great all knowing destination in life as long as you know exactly what you want. I am who I am, I don't tend to fit into any crowd and I don't w.. more..