Who am i ?

Who am i ?

A Chapter by anonymousprankt

this theory is let for the individuals who shuold read atleast for the concept... This is how i get the destiny of human being @ my perception...

Have you ever wandered that

1. "Why you were born as human?"
2. "Why the human can dream, think, use, create,
invent, discover & so.... On.....?
3. "Why the human have so organized body
structure?" 4.
"Why the humans are just not limited to fullfill
their basic neccesity to live?
5."Why human can utilize the things?
6. "Why human make their own world?"
7. "Why there is no natural boundaries [fly,swim,walk] to human?"
8. "Why humans are the most powerful creatures?"
9. "Why humans have the techniques?"

"Why? why? Why?

if not then you must ask to yourself
these questions to you....

let me share my approach towards these too many questions and for that i have too simple n solo answer for these infinite questions......

"i am human; to take care of 'em all who ain't help
'emselves: to take care of EVERY SINGLE LIVING BODY..."

And this is my role very well defined by MOTHEREST NATURE"



© 2015 anonymousprankt

Author's Note

this is my approach towards being human. If i wrote these all then definately it shows that i just not write to impress but instead i write to implement....

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Added on December 12, 2015
Last Updated on December 12, 2015
Tags: Philosophy



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