Wake Me Up; A Fragment

Wake Me Up; A Fragment

A Story by Cal Iginis

A digital scrap from the apocalypse.

For two days he's been there.

Once, he vomitted. Its still there, the vomit, the bile and bits of something spewed onto the pavement. Its still there, heaped in a pile across his boots, gleaming slightly in the daylight. I think I see a vital organ down there. Maybe two. Either way, he hasn't moved.

Neither have I.

I was hungry, not very, not nearly as much I am now. I picked up the laptop and headed for the kitchen. I like to watch stupid videos while I cook. Ah, modern technology. I wonder how long till the power goes out? The internet? The news hasn't mentioned anything, huffpo, cnn. But I haven't seen a single car. Not even the sound of one. But swear I can hear him mumbling or gibbering or something about being hungry - god im so hungry and the kitchen is just behind me if i could just

sorry - The battery on this thing is dying and I can't move. If I move I dont know what will happen. So I have to stay like this. This is the only site I have a journal on. So I have to type this quick before it runs out. I cant move.

Anyway, I walked past the window. I shouldn't have. I never look out the window. I should have walked past the pantry but I went through the dining room. So stupid. Wanted the excersize. Like 5 extra feet is excersize. And I saw him.

He was just standing there, swaying in the breeze I thought. I live in the sticks. Have several acres of land but the house is right on the road. I dont like long driveways. haha. The only neighbor I have lives across from me on 20 acres. His house sits way back, somewhere in the woods. He has all this land and just a trailer. Has lots of cows. Never really seen him, just his truck. Thought maybe it was him in the road. But it was weird cause he didnt have a jaw.

And I just froze. I couldnt move. I spent a long time trying to wake up. But I cant so this is either real or Im dead. or in a coma i dont know

If I type this out maybe someone will wake me up.

but, Anyway. He was there and jawless and swaying and everyhting went dead in my mind all sounds stopped and I felt numb. I didnt scream or run or hide I just froze and I still am. But I nearly died when this lap top started beeping. It beeps when it has no battery. And even then I wated because I thought, "Oh you stupid f**k dont move your arms dont move he'll see you and if he starts walking toward the window you wont be able to move and he'll come get you and then what will you do you stupid f**k dont monve


but, I had to type this I dont know how much longer I have but I had to type it as soon as I can because it keeps beepign and he might hear it anyway and I can hear him groaning and whisperign and mumbling outside and the battery thing keeps flash

Ok - Im in control. As soon as I hit send, Im going to collapse. I've been standing for 2 days. No food, no bathroom. I'm hurting. And so, Im going ot collapse and if he hears me theres nothing I can do about it. Maybe I can crawl to the kitchen and get food. I dont know. Why hasnt anyone called me? Why are the news sites not reporting anything like this?

Maybe I'm in a coma. Maybe this message will make them wake me up.

Please wake me up.

The proceeding was culled from the millions of confused blogs, tweets, and forum posts on or near Infection Day. We sat inside our homes, seeing each other's words and yet never truly connected. We lived in bubbles of complete fantasy, and when the time came to reach out, no real people were there; just phantoms and masks. Let this stand as a reminder of those we lost, and how we must always be vigilant against all diseases, both viral and mental.

© 2012 Cal Iginis

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Reminds me of 'The End of the Whole Mess' by Stephen King. Not the plot but the presentation (the first person narrative, end of the world thing).

Like Sam, I've the urge to list the typos. They are intentional but it's a bit, hmmm, inconsistent(?). I see this guy as the usual blogger, who no matter what happens he must blog it. I maybe mistaken but he did think of using the internet to write what was happening, so for me that counts as a usual blogger. So, that said, most bloggers still mind their grammar, no matter what their situation is; it's their second nature, plain and simple. Or you can make him gradually forget about grammar as the situation progressed, as the situation became unbearable...

I think these sentences "The news hasn't mentioned anything, huffpo, cnn" and "Why are the news sites not reporting anything like this" need to be omitted/revised since the news websites aren't the only place to know what is happening as the last paragraph has pointed out that there are proceedings culled from millions of blogs, tweets, etc. Natural thing to do if there's a news blackout is to look for other sources in the internet. Nothing this catastrophic can be kept from the internet! XD

The details about the creature outside is great. The narrator definitely captured his fear of the creature. It can be more awesome if the narrator shows more concern about himself. How about adding a few sentences stating that the narrator can't hold his pee, and slowly he felt warm liquid flow down his leg? How about the narrator decided to drink the pee because of terrible thirst? Or he holds on to the table because his legs are about to give in since he is standing for two days? Maybe he tried to eat his fingers because he's so hungry?

This story is entertaining! A little cleaning up and this story will be even more awesome!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Excellent fragment, well-written and engaging. I thought about listing the numerous typos, but then thought they might be intentional.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on January 6, 2012
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Cal Iginis
Cal Iginis

Chattanooga, TN

I have always loved reading, collecting books, and trying to write. In particular, my interests have seemed to fall into the realm of terror and unease. When in elementary school I checked out a small.. more..

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A Story by Cal Iginis

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