Sing  To Me Of Lyllabies

Sing To Me Of Lyllabies

A Poem by Aspiring Angel

Sing To Me Of Lullabies


Sing to me of lullabies ...

Bring me to words of joyful song

Sing to me of dreams to dream
Tearful heart yearning to belong
Caught in the pause of 'what life once was'
I have lingered far too long

Bring to sight the fairies dance
Expression free to play upon crystal pond
Where new can state the game of chance
Suppressing the need of mournful song

Held behind the shaddows cast
You will continue to hide away?
Your whisperings finding only tears of past
Am I to survive this way?

The muse of light gone from my sight
Aspiring what am I to do?
Backward steps ... Not on a bet
The whispers are now to you

Sing to me of lullabies
To heal a heart and dry the eyes

Sing to me of visions true
So I can sing the song of you

Vessels placed upon a shelf
No longer claimed to be the self
To bring a tear I do refuse
A stalemate now in which to choose?

Reaching to all that care to see
The me of you ... The you of me
We are but one yet today we fued
Which to win the mistress or the muse?

Sing to me sweet lullabies
Of starlite bright in evening skies


Hope brought to life within flickering light of life
Rainbows bright to curse the lie
Emotions run to find the sun
After all the evening songs are sung

"Caught in the pause of 'just because'
I have lingered far too long"

Sing to me the vision true ...
I yearn to sing the song of you

Aspiring Angel
 January 2010

© 2010 Aspiring Angel

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Oh my sweet friend it appears the mistress of our muse has
run and hid just peeking out for a short moment to give us
the want just not the words. BUT my sweet Aspiring has
not failed you. As Always she has come forth with such beauty
refelcting that beautiful heart of yours just as the water
above reflects your beautiful Aspiring.

Maybe on day you and I will be able to put the badly tarnished
"star" of our past and bring us back to center with pen in hand

Simply beautiful my sweet Beautiful

Hugs and Love U Bunches

Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on January 21, 2010
Last Updated on January 21, 2010


Aspiring Angel
Aspiring Angel

Reno, NV

I am so glad That you have dropped in To meet a new face And experience a new heart Come along with me as Aspiring Angel speaks to Me in whispers that brings Her thoughts to live.. more..