Memory and Time

Memory and Time

A Poem by Areej

This is an account of one of the many magical days of my childhood. It was really hard writing this. Looking back, it's hard to believe I was happy once. Well, nothing much I can do about that. Just n

I am awoken by sudden sizzling sounds
Sounds coming from the kitchen
I'm alone and scared
I start crying and screaming
Someone lifts me up
I feel a familiar comforting warmth
I know it's her
My mentor, my keeper, my best friend
She caresses my cheeks and wipes my tears
Her curly, golden brown hair is frizzled
Her snowy white face is covered in sweat
Why do you look like a scary witch, Eru? I ask her
With a chuckle, she embraces me and pinches my nose
Your aunt is sweet 16, you little goofball
I look at her puzzled
It's a surprise she says gleefully
I scramble to the kitchen
With a playful yell, I say the word lasanga
I hug her tightly
She feeds me my favorite pasta
I am happy
I am at peace
I hope this lasts forever
She looks at me intently and says
Be a good boy
I'll be back in the evening
My chest hurts
I quickly grab her hand
She strokes my hair and says
You close your eyes
Count till 100 
I'll be back
I feel my heart shrinking
But there is nothing I can do
I do as she says
I'm too tired
Darkness takes over

I jerk awake
There is a familiar yet distant aching in my heart
I hear something snap
Tears start streaming down my cheeks
But this time there is no warmth
Only darkness and a chilly breeze
I'm unable to cry
I feel like a broken, discarded toy
My phone starts making an annoying sound
Perhaps it's laughing at my misery
I swipe it
I'm late for class
Late again I whisper
But there's no reply
Only a deathly silence
I grab my bag and rush out
My heart aches again

I think I had a sweet dream
I search the obscure corners my memory
But can't recall anything
Some say time heals old wounds
Some say it destroys everything like a storm
I think time is like a river
It erases the past
Dims your memories
It's absolute and unbiased
And at the end
All you're left with
Are bits and pieces
And that familiar yet distant pain

© 2017 Areej

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Added on October 29, 2017
Last Updated on October 29, 2017
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