Beautiful To Me

Beautiful To Me

A Poem by boobalajcushion

I feel things deeply, a way for me to convey, is to write. I hope people feel happiness when reading about my own, perhaps it will remind them of the beautiful things in their own lives.


Beautiful To Me

An ethereal sunrise, sprinkling rays over the land while it wakes.. 
The light falling through the treetops, and scattering the floor with worldly lace. 
Dew drops that dazzle, a ladybirds oasis it makes - 
A darling butterfly, unfurling its wings and dancing with grace.
And the old oaks that bare greens so vibrant, and even beautiful in death
Have mastered the art of rebirth and life in length.
The seemingly fragile tangle of a woven web, something so fine -
Yet it holds so much strength.

Your smile is one that makes me blush with haste, reminds me of daisy chains
And a day at the coast, with the wind in your face.
A summers afternoon with the soft hum of bees, bumbling throughout their day.
A delectable cake, crumbs everywhere and icing that flakes.
That song, the timeless classic that begs you to dance, and leaves you with muscles that are happy but ache.
The sound of the ice cream man when he pulls into the bay, and the small bird that sings out your window - 
She's loud, but she loves her life for goodness sake. 

The pastel hues of paint smeared across canvas, as the sky fades from bright - 
A once in a day time, type of light. 
When all is quiet and at peace, and all you hear is your mind
And all of the dusk animals that are beginning their nocturnal lives.
Quiet, calm, tranquillity, self. These are the moments that are wondrous
And not to be kept dusty on the shelf. 
For when I am thoughtful and old and grey, my dainty heart will not remember my pay. 
It will reminisce for all of these times, these little escapes - 
As they really are the days, and they are mine. 

A shooting star on a clear night, that's what you are.
The cool air that wraps around me, as I gaze up at a million memories. 
And the cold side of the pillow, when I retreat to sleep.. 
The dreams that capture my mind, as I fall deep.
How can I possibly explain how I feel, and how real
This burning desire is, that holds so much heat? 
Maybe, with all of these things that are beautiful to me.
These are the things that I see in you, from your head to your feet! 
For you are all that I have mentioned and more, but in one line - 
Perhaps all I could say is that my favourite sound, is the rhythm of your heartbeat.

© 2017 boobalajcushion

Author's Note

Quite probably lots of errors, pure feels here! Any comments or tips, let me know :)

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I love these feels! I find I have to write out how I'm feeling because when I speak, it doesn't do emotions justice.

This nailed the emotion of love.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on July 30, 2017
Last Updated on July 31, 2017
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