A Poem by Brianna.garcia

All the times you said that you loved me 

And all times that you said never you'd leave me 

all the times you said that I'm the only one who will ever have your heart 

What about now, 

What about all the things you've said 

How many times you've mended my broken heart from a million pieces 

The way you make me feel like I'm the only one in your world 

That's how I know 

That's how I know your are the one 

Maybe it's the way you laugh 

Or how you always seem to put a smile on my face 

Or maybe it's the way that you treat me like I'm the one person that makes your whole world   

Well at least you use to

Now it's just arguing and fighting 

Screaming and crying 

And no matter how hard I try I feel I'm loosing the one thing that I treasured most in life 

I try to grasp on to the little I have left of you 

but it gets harder and harder as time goes by 

Then the bitterness comes to play 

And now there's no words to say 

I'm sorry I let it go this far 

I knew I shouldn't have let you in 

I knew the outcome but chose to ignore all the warning signs 

I don't know if you feel same but I still feel a bind  

Something that won't let me forget about you 

And I have no clue what to do 


I lost my first love and my best friend 

I don't know if I ever want to feel like this again

I wish the world was simpler 

I wish we never met 

I wish I never let you go 

I wish a lot of things but none ever  come true 

Maybe I'm just selfish 

Or maybe it's just not meant to be 

Now I'm left all alone 

To sit and replay the past 

Over and over again 

© 2016 Brianna.garcia

Author's Note

I am sorry but ignore my horrible grammar, I am still kinda new at this....

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wonder who its about......

Posted 2 Years Ago

Very intense word play here. Powerful emotion. I literally felt like I was right there with you. This really hits me in personal spot. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on February 24, 2016
Last Updated on February 24, 2016