Chapter 8: New Realities

Chapter 8: New Realities

A Chapter by Patrick Masters

My eyes opened as I began to stir from my sleep. The world was spinning, and my thoughts incoherent, but bit by bit they fell into place. Looking left and right I found myself in a hospital room, laying in bed. I struggled to sit up but after about half a minute I was sitting at 90 degrees. A few of the instruments attached to me began to fall of and hit the ground as I fumbled around. This trigger a somewhat quiet but noticeable alarm to sound as a nurse burst into the room.

“Ah Mr. Blackwell you’ve woken up, that’s good to see. Are you able to sit up, does doing so cause you any pain.” He said to me

“No, no, could you just prop the bed up behind me so I can sit up.” I struggled out of my very dry mouth

“Yes sir, and I’ll get some water sent in here for you. You sound like you could use it.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem sir. Also, I hope it’s not too much trouble, but you have a visitor.”

“Send them in I’m fine.” I could probably guess who it is, and I don’t think they’d consider no an option for me.

Alice walked into the room slowly with a serious expression on her face.

“So Benjamin, how are you?”

“At the moment, I feel fine. I haven’t tried standing up but I feel like I could pull it off if need be.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“What about Malik, how’s he.”

“He was not so fortunate. Both the bones in his left shin were completely crushed. Also he fractured several vertebrae when you threw him down into the ground. It might be some time before he’s back to fighting condition. But, if there was a time for that it was now. We don’t know where Lucian is and your team won’t be entering the field anytime soon. We have time.”

“Well I guess you can call that good news, sorry for busting up your golden boy.”

“No, he needed that. Ever since his loss to Lucian, he’s felt like I was searching for reasons to sideline him. His ego may take a hit from the fight but he should be intact. It was good for him to see what you could do. He’ll understand I didn’t just find you to spite him.”

“So that’s what had him actin all s****y! Jeez he needs to lighten up.”

“Hey, how would you feel if you thought you were being tossed aside and forgotten.”

“Pretty bad, but who’s fault was it that he got that idea. You were with him before I was brought on, you could have stopped this.”

“That’s fair. Well, you need to rest for the next day or two so just do that for now. I have other things that I need to attend to.”

“You do what you need to do.”

“Alright I’ll come to check on you again tomorrow.”

Laying back I started to nod off again.

Later that night, I was awoken by a strong breeze and sudden chill that enveloped the room.

“Christ, who do they have workin the thermostat. It's cold enough to freeze the feathers off a damn penguin.”

“It’s been a long time hasn’t it, Benjamin.”

The chill now gripped me to my very bones. The voice of the devil himself had whispered in my ear and I now turned to face him. My hand reached to my side, grasping for a pistol that wasn’t there. My shock turned to rage as the tension fuming from me became palpable.

“My my little Benjamin, are you happy to see me?” he said mocking me “I’ve missed you my dear nemesis, it has been too long. Life is just so boring without you in it.”

“Lucian…!” was all I could manage as I looked at him. Though he was a beast he appeared as beauty, incarnate. Long black hair went down to his shoulders. His skinned was the purest of white, nearly radiant. He had slender hands with long fingers, claws on the end that could slice steel. Next, there were his unmistakable facial features. Piercing red eyes that stabbed through the heart with just a look, paralyzing the unprepared. Then there was his mouth. Teeth perfect white, with a pair of fangs ready to suck you dry.

“So have you come to finish me while I’m down.”

“No unfortunately you remain beyond even my reach for the moment. Though it really would be anticlimactic to simply put a wounded dog out of its misery.” he said, his voice bringing a chill to my spine. Taking a minute to understand his meaning I noticed an unnatural shine around his body that I didn’t remember. Walking towards him I saw what I was speaking to as I plunged my arm through his chest.

“So, an astral projection”

“Yes I am here in spirit but not body.”

“So, why have you come here. What’s the point of all this.”

“Oh I merely wanted to see how my worthy opponent was doing. You can understand that can’t you. You should always scope out the competition before going into a fight. Although, it would seem my competition is starting to slow down. So how about it Benjamin. The years seem to have worn you down. Will you be able to keep up in our next dance.” He said with immense arrogance. He carried himself as though he were God on Earth.

“Oh I think I still have enough in the tank to defeat you.”

“Let’s stop beating around the bush Benjamin. You’re an old man waiting to return to the dust from which you were created. While my sun has risen, yours has set. Stop struggling against it.” His projection disappeared and then reappeared next to my ear. “Just give in. Melt away. Let all the weight on your shoulders go, and give up. You are not the young man you once were. I have no vendetta against you, but if you stand in the way of my plans I will crush you like a brittle, little egg.” He continued to spit his poison in my ear until I finally backed away from him.

“Stop wasting your energy. Make no mistake about my attitude towards you. I am not going to give up. I will not simply melt away. I will hunt you down. I will chase you through jungle, forest, mountain, wherever I need to. I will find you, drag you into the dirt, and thrust my stake through your heart. I don’t care what it takes. I don’t care if it kills me, I will wipe your existence from the Earth. You are nothing more than a pest that needs to be exterminated.” I said barely suppressing the desire to scream at him. After hearing my words, he stepped back, attempting to suppress a frown on his face.

“It would seem this discussion is pointless. I pity you. Your stubbornness has sealed your fate. I will not allow you to repeat your miracle from thirty years ago. There is too much at stake. If you try to confront me I will break you. Then I will raise your corpse up for all your allies to see. Then they will know the hopelessness of this fight. Goodbye Benjamin, I look forward to sending you to the afterlife.” He said as his image disappeared from my sight. The moment he left I felt the rush of adrenaline leave my body. Losing my strength, I braced against the bed to hold myself up until I was good. Taking a moment to stand myself back up. I took in a breath and looked down at the various bandages and braces on my body. Spotting a mirror in the corner of the room I started to remove any unnecessary cloth and approached it. Looking into the mirror I saw the history of my time as a vampire hunter. My body was scarred and battered from head to toe, as scars streaked around all parts of my body. I was struck by an uneasy feeling of dread as I inspected the condition of my body. Even though I hated to think about it. Even though every ounce of my being wanted to deny it there was no mistaking it.

“I have gotten old.” I thought to myself

In many ways my body had followed suit. I appeared to have aged even beyond my years. Coming to the realization. I felt one thought plague my mind as the world seemed to close in around me.

“What if I fail?”

© 2018 Patrick Masters

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