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I could have named it "symptoms" being from a psychological background this name is justified. But 'affected' is the proper.

Yesterday I met her in a cafe. The two Best friends from school, little crowded road outside the cafe and two cups of cappuccino in the table, nothing else to see.
After some regular greeting with a sad voice she told how her life is going well
Listening this I felt happy but noticing her sad voice I felt uneasy I was about to ask her, just after a pause she asked me " how is your life going? '' with the new job I am so happy nowadays, the opportunity to express my feelings to my best friend, made me forgot to ask her what I wanted to ask.
I was informing her about my new job, new boss, then she got a phone call, to receive it she leaft the table. While waiting for her I saw a little memo book from her purse almost came out, for her dragging of phone in rush. Just like I used to do in school i picked it up and read it and found some to do work list, shopping list and a note '' Life is not tough, nowadays but, social media is tough. Whenever I update my status saying "moving on in life", he clicks the like button."
She caught me reading her memo book and finally told me about her recent break up and for which she stopped using social media, listening which i told her" don't be in this dillema, as the six months old incident is a true past today, accept it and move on you will be happy. She replied "actually I am feeling happy after sharing this with you"

After coming back to home yesterday from the cafe I updated my status saying "Life is not tough but, social media is" (Copied from a DIARY). Seeing this status update of my mother called me and we talked for an hour then I said to her "I am feeling better". 

© 2017 Debamita Chatterjee

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Added on September 17, 2017
Last Updated on September 17, 2017
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Debamita Chatterjee
Debamita Chatterjee


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