Here We See David: David 2

Here We See David: David 2

A Story by Chris M.

This is the second installment, of three, in the David series. David continues his pursuit of Jenny.


Here we see David, standing, gormless.

In the days prior he has been a whirlwind of emotions. From heartbreak, to elation, anger, then back to heartbreak.

Things haven't been going well for him despite having had every opportunity and taken every step.

He said he'd do better.

He said he had time.

He was wrong.

It wasn't long after David's big move that Jenny was gone. There were a few precious weeks of furtive glances and chance meetings by the coffee pot. Mostly given and or engineered by David himself.

We're still pretty sure Jenny has no idea who he is, beyond the guy who stumbled up to her he day her ex was fired.

David knows for a fact that Jared can now be called her ex because he heard through a reliable source - reliable in the sense that it's him - that Markus Wroth is the new object of her affection.

David hates Markus.

He thinks that just because he has a fancy fast car that he can have anyone he wants, what about reliability? David loves that his 2007 Malibu still runs like a dream. It doesn't matter that the metal around the wheel wells is rusted or that headlights are cloudy and the passenger seat doesn't recline. It gets forty miles to the gallon.

Your car looks like s**t David. Nobody would be caught dead in it with you.

Right now all these thoughts are running through David's mind as he waits at the ATM. The person in front of him has long since concluded his business and a line has begun to form behind him.

After a few polite coughs and throat clearings the man behind David very impolitely asks him to use the damn thing or get out of the way.

David! Someone's talking to you are you going to pay attention?

No, not me behind you.

David didn't really need to use it, it wasn't even the bank David uses. He was only there because he heard that Markus is a member, and that he lives around here.

David was there to show Markus that a fast car isn't everything.

To placate the man behind him David made a show about mashing the buttons on the keypad, pretending to search through his account. Really David was eyeing the parking lot, trying to see if Marcus's cherry red corvette would make an appearance.

Then as if on queue, Marcus's signature car pulls in, David could almost hear the trashy music blaring. At least he assumed it would be trashy, it had to be, right? it was Marcus after all.

Alright, you know what you have to do, don't you David?

David stepped out of line and watched as Marcus walked. David pulled down the brim of his cap to hide his face as Markus passed by.

Once eyes were all safely off him he made his way to Marcus's car. This was too nice of a car for a guy like him, thought David as he slashes the tires.

David took one last look around and turned to walk away.

David, don't forget the coup de grais.

David bent down and stuck a brown package behind the back fender of the car and made a second anonymous call this month.

The cops would find the package and assume that it was the cocaine it resembled instead of the flower it was. Still they would search the car to find Marcus's rather large stash of pot he kept under the seat.

That should be enough to put him away for awhile, especially in this state.

The next day David was greeted with the unfortunate news that Marcus was no longer part of the company due to his impending trail.

David noticed Jenny sitting at her desk looking dejected and felt the pangs of sadness and regret.

Stop that David, you did what you had to, now go over there and don't f**k it up this time.

David made a few steps toward her.

Good, keep goin.

David obeyed.

David made his way to her and gave her cubicle wall a few playful knocks.

“Oh,” she said “you're...uhm, David, right?”

Yes, we are. Then there was a pause.

Well, say something David.

David blurted out a few platitudes and made an excuse to leave.

Wait, that’s it? What the hell David; we talked about this! You've had numerous chances at this David and yet you constantly fail, why?

What kind of person are you? What kind of man are you?

Do you want to be alone forever? To spend your  nights and weekends by yourself, longing for something more?

I don't, and you damn sure better not want that either.

We will keep doing this until you get it right, got it?

© 2017 Chris M.

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Added on November 28, 2017
Last Updated on November 28, 2017
Tags: humor, short story, fiction


Chris M.
Chris M.

I've always had a love for writing, but only recently sat down to write my first novel, Howell Park. I love any novel with a sense of humor and an interesting hook, but I'd be lying if I said I wa.. more..

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