"The Door" Part 1

"The Door" Part 1

A Story by Cecilia Ting

Since this will be continued as part of a series, if you want more you can follow on my website:

Eliya peered cautiously around the corner, her long, bone-white hair swinging out and off her back.  One steel-colored eye blinked in rapid succession while the rest of her face stayed hidden in shadow.  After a moment, the blinking halted abruptly.  A soft hissing sound had begun from several corridors away.
Eliya stared straight ahead.  The hissing went on for a couple seconds as Eliya continued staring.  When it finally stopped, she made no effort to move, even to blink.  When the silence rolled on, Eliya closed her eyes and took in the shallowest of breaths.  Then she opened her eyes.
Eliya's mind registered three things instantly.  One, a faint orb of glowing orange light now hovered at the end of the hall.  Two, a heavy breathing noise echoed from that same region.  Three, her mouth hung open in a silent scream as her feet scrambled to move backwards.
As the light and noise advanced slowly towards her, Eliya turned and bolted in the opposite direction.  Behind her, the breathing grew louder, now accompanied by a thumping, clawing sound.  Eliya ran further into the thick darkness, with only one goal in mind: Staying alive.

© 2010 Cecilia Ting

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Added on February 25, 2010
Last Updated on February 25, 2010