A Poem by Dante

He was like an old fable, 
sitting at his table,
coffee mug in hand,
voice like some 50's band.
Silent as the dead,
all kinds of wisdom in his head.
He didn't waste his voice,
and when it was his choice
to speak he let me know
in words painfully slow,

"One day you will forget,
the next you won't remember.
Your hands will stiffen, wrinkle,
and grow colder like December.
But keep your mind awake,
and choose your words with care.
'Cause as you become old,
you'll see it's cold out there."

She jumped her rope with joy,
singing a song about some toy,
missing her dog, her friends, her home,
talking to three garden gnomes.
As I passed, she gave me a look,
squeezed her eyes, gave me a shook.
Said she knew I was someone new,
and she shouldn't talk to strangers, too.
I smiled at her and waved my hand,
as she firmly drew her line in the sand,
picked up her rope and headed for home,
confident as she walked down the road.
I heard her sing a song as she skipped,
a song that took my lungs as it gripped.

"One day you will regret,
the next you won't remember.
Your hands will shake, your knees will quake,
drink your way into December.
But keep your eyes wide open, friend,
and watch your steps with care.
'Cause as you view the world in a haze,
you'll see it's too old out there."

The room was full of machines and beeps,
as I entered without making a peep.
I brushed the hair off of her face,
and around the room I started to pace.
The nurses passed and gave me pity.
I sent them away, and faced the gritty
future that lay in front of my eyes.
To pull the plug, or give it a try?
My wife didn't stir, as I leaned over her head,
kissed her temple, and sat on the bed.
Her hands were cold, her cheeks were wrinkled.
Her eyes, shut closed, had lost their twinkle.
I lowered my head and started to cry,
clawing deep into my heart, trying not to ask why.
I wanted God to change his mind,
to be more kind, to somehow find
a reason for her to stay with me.
I could think of plenty, easily.
But the hours passed, and I was found
beside the corpse, sitting on the ground.
On my lap, a paper lay,
soaked with tears forever to stay.

"One day you must forgive,
the next you should forget.
Your tears will fall, your will break,
wake up in a cold sweat.
But keep your eyes on memories, love,
and your family/friends in prayer.
'Cause the world you view is made up of days,
you'll see it's too fast out there."

© 2018 Dante

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Added on January 16, 2018
Last Updated on January 16, 2018



Hanover, IN

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