I Reminisce to No One There

I Reminisce to No One There

A Poem by Donald Cole

a little rambling to no one there.......


I Reminisce to No One There


The days of past I got to smile

The time we got to share

And the littlethings I felt inside

I'd thought you were there

I hold on for what I can

But I can't live back then

So I traipse a bit down memory lane

Seeing my way back again

And I wonder what it is could be

Or where I am to go

For I find a piece of you in me

But I don't let it show

For time has wore its distance

And still you are so close

And I reminisce to no one there

And whom I've loved at most

For time, how it has carried me

And I still hold me inside

For what I feel turns me inside out

I've grown through what I don't hide

And I'll smile a little smile you know

You wouldn't wait that long

And I listen to a melody

Of a not forgotten song

And I see the way you feel sometimes

And I know the hurt I've had

And I walk into another day

But still I won't be sad

You have shown me things not understood

But I can see so clear

And I reminisce to no one there

Still wondering were you here

And I keep me in my world alone

For my path only God does know

And He is where I find my hope

And in Him my love does grow

And one day I'll find me walking

Out of all that I've been through

And when I see you walk to me

I'll know that I've been true

And you'll never see it on the outside

For comes without a doubt

And you'll find when you look at you

But its gotta be inside out

And I'll walk into a dream you know

With God at my side

And I'll reminisce to no one there

Of all the things I tried

And I'll see somewhere down the road

Because I'm holding on to Thee

A path that is not my own

Is His path set before me

Don C

© 2012 Donald Cole

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Added on December 8, 2012
Last Updated on December 8, 2012


Donald Cole
Donald Cole

Bremerton, WA

My name is Don Cole. I started writing about 25 years ago when I started dating, go figure). I have saved my poems over the years and used them as a tool to understand me and my world. as of late, mor.. more..