A Planted Seed of Corporate Greed

A Planted Seed of Corporate Greed

A Poem by Deborah Leah Krempa

Water is life! My dear family and friends, without the part she plays in Mother Nature, we could no longer survive. Mother Earth would surely shrivel and die, her womb from whence we came would become as arid and dry as the desert sands. No longer could we be nourished and fed by her bosom. No more would the rains come to replenish the soil, the earth could no longer give forth her seeds for us to grow our own food. Our families would thirst for water and pray for rain from the heavens which could never come. There would be no more a rainbow of hope in the sky for you and for I. Our Grandfather, The Great Spirit would cry the saltiest of tears and in his weeping, he would forever mourn his most beautiful and lovely of all creation; his bride. Mother Earth would become extinct and so shall you and I. There is no escape from the incorporated greed of mankind. The lust of his heart is on trial here. Now in this day and age, mankind must unblind his eyes, become deaf to the noise and confusion of what has become known to us as progress. We must stop the raping of the the lands, the destruction of the forestry and the polluting of the waters and the air, which is deemed necessary to sustain the existence of life on this planet. Until we meet again... Se la vi!

© 2018 Deborah Leah Krempa

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Deborah Leah Krempa
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I recall reading an article recently about marijuana fields. Because of the legalization of it in some states, gangs are setting up in forests and diverting streams to their crops and leaving refuse of all kinds behind (camping equipment, pesticides, fertilizer bags, plastic tubing) which is not only helping to destroy the forests but also kill species of animals that come in contact with it.

And its all in the name of greed.

Good writing here Debileah.

Posted 11 Months Ago

I'm not sure what lack of rain has to do with politicians and greed?

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on September 2, 2017
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Deborah Leah Krempa
Deborah Leah Krempa


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