My Mother's Words

My Mother's Words

A Story by MerylDivya

When I was younger, I would ignore my mother's words and advice. However as I grew older, I realized her profound thoughts were both meaningful to me and relevant to my particular hardships, experiences, and decisions."The tongue has no bones in it". This is the motivating statement my mother throws at me when I feel like giving up. She is indeed correct - actions do speak louder than words. I have applied this quote to many aspects of my education and career pursuits. 

In college my first major was Business. When I changed my major to Biomedical Science I struggled to finish the major. I managed to graduate and receive a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences with honors. When I finally decided to apply to medical school, I realized my Medical College Admission Test scores were quite low. I was nervous to apply. 

My mother basically told me our lives should have a purpose, and if we are unsure then we are not responding to our true calling. 

I moved west to Tucson, AZ after completing my studies in Michigan. I was scared to move such a long distance. 

When my heart would get crushed by yet another boyfriend and I ached to get back together with him, my mother advised, "A relationship is delicate like a glass. Once it's broken, it will not hold water". 

My mother encouraged me to pursue teaching certification. She emphasized that we must make use of our God given talents. "When the will rises, even God takes notice" she said. 

During the course of certification I did extremely well. I aced my classes and gained employment even before completing certification. But a family crisis occurred and it resulted in the loss of my job. My only brother had passed away at the age of twenty. I didn't know what to say, and for once my mother was also at a loss for words. But I mustered up the courage to console my mother the way she consoled me during my low times - "Mom", I ventured, "We are strong and closer to heaven now that he's there. He is a direct communicator with God through our prayers". 

For Christmas, I made my mom a card and a picture of her. The picture I gave to her in the hotel room - she smiled and laughed. The card I gave to her in a coffee shop. It read: 


I remember reading over Christopher's shoulder where you had signed an email "Your paly-waly, love Mom". I was so jealous, and like any annoying sister, I picked a fight with him. 

Every time I break, you have fixed me. You have always encouraged me to be independent. It is with my new found independence that I say these words. Mom, I crawled, stood, walked, and ran. I ran away from you, not towards. For this I ask God's forgiveness. 

As a woman I can honestly confess that you, and only you, have encouraged me to soar and rise above my struggles, problems and pain. Remember when Christopher and I used to fight - we were fighting for your attention and love alone. 

You have the largest, reddest, strongest and most forgiving heart of all the women I have ever met. I am sad to say I have broken your heart many times and in many ways. If I have inherited one thing from you it is your spirit. My fighting spirit chooses to defend you and protect you. I can only make this commitment - I will not break your heart again. 

And now mom, I am asking you - Can I be your paly-way? 

Tears rolled down her cheeks. I brought her some napkins. In reflection I should have given her the card in the hotel room. 

Mom and I live separately, but we talk nearly every day.I take her advice for the smallest things, such as which lotion to use, to the most challenging scenarios, such as whether or not to pursue a Masters. 

Each and every day I am thankful for my mother's advice. She has taught me well. I look forward to the strong and contemplative statements my mother provides me. To me she is both mentor and mother. To me she is my inspiration. 

© 2014 MerylDivya

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Great! I can feel the love for my mother through your writing. Thank you very much for such a great writing. Waiting for another such writing from you.

God bless you...........................................................................................................

Posted 2 Years Ago

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