Med School Dropout

Med School Dropout

A Poem by MerylDivya

Med school dropout 
Why oh why 
Your income could've been so high 
You've had this dream 
Since you were knee-high 
But back to States you'll fly 

The first subject is Anatomy 
You have to cut up a dead body 
Organs and guts is all you see 
You might eat fat accidentally 

Microbiology is about germs 
Bacteria grow and look like worms 
You could eat from petri dish 
If getting anthrax is what you wish 

Physiology is a functional science 
The arms and legs form an alliance 
The body tends to move and shake 
And masturbation makes us quake 

Pills and meds in Pharmacy 
Go to sleep and you will see 
You won't wake up for three days 
If Valium is what you take 

Biology, animals and plants 
But it's really about what's in your pants 
They say that size does not matter 
But that's really all about what girls chatter 

Genetics is about X's and Y's 
The color of hair, the color of eyes 
You could clone a mini me 
And then take over land and sea

Molecules in Chemistry 
H2O is atoms three 
Why are we studying elements? 
We should be concerned with who's president 

I think I'll be a med-school dropout 
Why pay back loans? 
It's not a cop out! 
The whole eight years is not worth the stress 
I'd rather stay home and get undressed. 

© 2014 MerylDivya

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I'm confused by the last line.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

in other words not do anything
Waconda Springs

3 Years Ago

ahhh, I get it.

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Creative writing and art are my pastimes. I'd love to put together a book but I enjoy poetry more than novel writing and there is not a current market for poetry books. Too bad and so sad. I have a de.. more..


A Poem by MerylDivya