A Poem by soulesswriter

the feeling when you lose a friend.i wrote this when i wasnt a good friend and was my apologie to my best friend



I’m sorry I did not keep my promise

But my life is going down

 I could not help you when I can’t even help myself

I’m just a drop in a river

Hoping that I don’t get lost

I feel like I lost my best friend

Because of something I did when I was not me

I wish I could be there for you when u needed a friend the most

I thought of myself as your brother

How can I let you trust me when I can’t even trust myself?

All I’m asking is for your pardon and if you don’t want to forgive me I don’t blame you

You are my best friend and a friend I will die for if asked

You have been my friend and I want to be yours

I wish I could help you in a storm but as much as I try my head just goes deeper into the water

I’m sorry I was not your friend when u needed a friend

And if I’m going to talk about my repent your my best friend and the greatest friend anyone can ask for

I will not promise you that I will be there as a friend for you because I can’t not keep that

I promise you that I will be there whenever I can

If you don’t trust me I don’t blame you

It’s ok to hate me because I always hate myself

Many times I wish I was never born

I always wish for the best for you but when you have a problem I seem to make things worst

I’m sorry doesn’t sound so convincing and I don’t blame you

All I ask is when you feel lonely or sad to come and talk to me

Because if I’m not a mind reader because if I was, trust me I would not be writing this

I’m just hope you forgive me and if you don’t I understand

I tried to be there whenever and I will try because you are a great friend I would hate to lose

It’s my fault and I won’t tell you any excuses

I wasn’t there because I tried to sort my feeling out first and I should have listen to you instead of Making sure you, my best friend, felt ok I know that sounds wired but I put everyone ahead of me and the one time I didn’t I let everyone I know down.im the only one to blame and if you don’t forgive me I understand 

© 2014 soulesswriter

Author's Note

please tell me my grammer mistakes i know have a lot and this is one of my original poems

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Added on January 22, 2014
Last Updated on January 22, 2014



pico rivera, CA

hello i havent been able to write cuz my wifi is out but ill post stuff when i can I'm a teen who loves writing .im a guy And likes running to and writing.im a sophomore And loves to hang out with.. more..