My Life in a Perspective of Weeks Spent

My Life in a Perspective of Weeks Spent

A Story by Jones Crimson

A few paragraphs on how I've lived my adult life thus far as illustrated by simple maths.

52.25 * 90
4702.5 weeks in a 90 year lifespan
for me that is 90 - 21 = 69
69 * 52.25
3605.25 weeks remaining in a 90 year lifespan
so 1097.25 weeks spent so far
(As of March 16, 2016)
940.5 is when I turned 18
156.75 weeks since I decided I was going to try to do something worthwhile with my life in the fields where intellectual and artistic achievement coincide,
most of which years were wasted with either procrastination, escapism, or in some rare cases simply depression or poverty.

but I've learned Python, C#, basic computer architecture, sketching, perspective, math, physics, and biochemical sciences skills on my own as well as a small few practical construction skills with little to no instruction or encouragement. I intend to continue to broaden my scope until I find a subject that not only interests me but creates new options for me.

On the other hand I guess I'll go to the staffing center in the morning and sit around for a couple of hours to see if they have anything for me.

Life and the logical standpoint of how the world should work rarely seem to overlap. Why is it we live in an era where the same jobs that used to take a hundred men now only take ten, and the struggle to survive still exists?

© 2016 Jones Crimson

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Added on November 1, 2016
Last Updated on November 1, 2016
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Jones Crimson
Jones Crimson


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