The basket of tale

The basket of tale

A Chapter by Mirror

Liam get to learn more about the industry and their powerful board of directors. And the secret that may cause turn of events. And that secret is his distraction.


Liam gave a husky chuckle, “I never knew you can be angry like this, Sister.” He said in Yala.

“But it is true!” His sister exclaimed in dialect, “I never knew that is the wing that good for nothing blasted quack Prof. Duke  intended to give you, Koko. You read accounting. You have ICAN certificate. You have the skills and experience. You were an auditor in- in " in what was that place name again?”

“My dear,” Liam laughed and ignored her fuss. She was overseas and had worked the connections that landed him this job. They had agreement to place him as the Head of Business Development or Head of Audit but landed him in marketing instead. Worst, they offer him less remuneration than bargained. “With no time, I will be leaving. I am expecting other job offers. I expect a call from First bank.”

“Yes please, I give you two months to get moving.”

“Yes, big sis.”

“You are better than that, Koko.”

“I know.”

“So, have you found a pretty Yala girl?”

“Philomena!” Liam exclaimed

“What?” There was silence. “Perhaps, I will come down there and find one myself. Better do something about it because you’re almost fifty-!”

“Almost Forty.” Liam corrected

“Whatever. I am serious. Give me a niece. Let me go back to work.” She said and ends the call. Liam grimaced. This was Phil’s way. Things must go her way.

He looked at the picture of him and his only sister on his desk. Her dimples and her smiles remind him of his spirited older sister. He loves her. She always looks out for him. She wants him married and settled. She even offered him to come overseas and stay with her. But he refused. He have a lot of potentials here even though this job in Microfinance Loans and Seeds (acronyms MLS) doesn’t seem to know that. Everyone here seems tensed, stressed, and a bit rude.

He remembered me that gave him the jumps. First I came stumbling in like roller coaster and asked questions as CIA. Only for him to find out I was just as equal to him. He scoffed and went through the reports. What was that my name again? Something Elza Black. He ran his fingers on the sheets of paper and came across my name. He flipped opened the paper and saw my profile and reports.


I had the scores. Good for me, he scoffed. He dropped the paper. But, I am going to be trouble, He said to himself. He recalled my bold stares, confidence, and curiosity. Then he also recalled that conversation I had in that corridor. Who wants to ruin my life? Why was I so upset? He sighed and caught himself. Why was he so concerned about me? I also might wonder why. He just had this feeling. Something attracts me to her. She was sure pretty, he said to himself. No, she was lovely, he corrected himself. Like a picture of Nyongo, an actress, or something. Liam smiled. He remembers the first time he saw me approaching where he was. Tall, elegant, enigmatic dark eyes, doted nose, round chin, and legs that speaks of my confidence.

I was the kind of lady that normally gets his attention. And I did.

He like the fact that I knew I was beautiful. Well I never thought about it that way. I just loved myself.  He thinks I wielded my beauty as weapon. That fragrance I had on, that was the first attraction. Then there was something about my innocent laugh when I was greeting other colleagues. And now, Liam discovered that I was very intelligent with my remarkable work performances. I was just what he will want. Although it was unethical to date someone in the same work place, he will not stay long enough around here to obey that rule. In his usual erupt way, Liam knew he has decided. He will have me.




© 2017 Mirror

Author's Note

I think I am curious about this Liam Character. Guys, do you know any other way to fix this playboy - Liam?

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Added on September 29, 2017
Last Updated on October 3, 2017
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