The mystic creature

The mystic creature

A Chapter by Mirror

The black baby girl with hazel eyes was fearsome and talk of the village. Is she the cause of the sudden demise of her parents? What will become of her if Father Tobias don't do something?


Small chubby feet dropped from the bed and silently touched the cold floor.

The door was ajar. The breeze was quiet. There was a yellow dimmed light from the lantern. And the small chubby feet traced its steps to the door. She opened the door not minding the creaking sound to wake her parents. She walked into the yellow light corridor. It was all quite. Her parents were snoring softly in the next room.

“Come.” A small voice said softly. She followed the voice with the breeze.

Slowly but determined, she walked on. She opened the next door she found and went outside.

The cold breeze greeted her checks. The moon illuminated the porch. Her grandmother’s rocking chair rocked in slow motion in a dance only it could hear. Then at the far north, across the siege sand, stood Uriel. He was dressed in his green marked camouflage uniform. But this time he wore his gold bracelet. His arrows were stacked behind his back. His stance as commanding but his face remains solemn. He looked at her with concern.

The little three years old rubbed her eyes. Sleep torturing her little head. She yawned sweetly and smacked her lips. She then saw another creature.  A child. A pale child, boy or girl, one can’t tell but it was with weird wings. It looked at her with a smirk. There was darkness in its eyes that scared the little girl.

“Zoe.” It hissed.

Thunder strikes.

The sky grumbled. All three looked up.

Uriel drew his bow and aimed. The little demon backed off one step.

“I have found you.” The demon hissed. “Oh, what a sweet end!”

Both the three year old girl and Uriel said nothing. The demon eyed Uriel’s bow and smiled. Then with a swift move, it disappeared.

© 2017 Mirror

Author's Note

It is normal for children with special gifts to be accused as witches and wizards in a true African village today. What can possibly be that small difference between a witch and an angel?

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It depends on the people around such children and their mindsets. In some cases they may be deified while in others, villified. Whatever, the outcome, the childhood is usually lost. A beautifully narrated tale. Looking forward to more.

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1 Year Ago

yes, dear friend. thank you..

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