Duress, The Muse Abused, Then Amused II

Duress, The Muse Abused, Then Amused II

A Story by Mirror


Writers always feel like the all Knowing God. I have come to realize that the real writer is the Muse. The Muse live in all brains and possesses those that recognizes it. There is a potential in everyone to write but there is no potential in ones who live what they wrote.

Writers must always face reality. A muse is a muse - reality is its writing pad. 

Like most preachers that don't do what they say, so are many writers that don't live the characters they write about. Most times, our muses are like guns that poise on our heads with the triggers ready to pull. Write and live. It doesn't mean, when you are done writing, you have lived. You just birthed another print that can stand test of time without you. There is hidden war carved as a line between man and his muse.

Muses are immortal. Writers live in their shadows. Legends are made out of Muses, but there are people who stands as vultures to eat on immortal muses. Muses are portraits of gentlemen that can never be actualized by mere men. 

Writers who walk in the consciousness of this, can tell when they are living a character or being themselves. Many may not agree to this because they feel a writer subconsciously writes part of himself. If so, it means the writer actually lives all the character he writes. How then is he real? You are just writing the Muse that want to live all of it. 

So when it points the trigger on you to write, you are under duress to showcase its life. The mistake is you do not only showcase the Muse's life, you live it. This has made most writers unreal, hypocritical, psychopaths, and literal bipolar. Does it make Muses wicked? It just makes writers "writing talkative" nothing more. At least.

Add no hard feelings to it, you won't die of it. 

If don't you feel so convinced, take a pen. Write a Muse down. It stops there. In the writing pad. Let it out of your head and put it where it belongs. Then you win. You turn from being abused to amused. 

© 2017 Mirror

Author's Note

My muse, my friend.

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I would like this much better if it were written in first person ("I") instead of second person ("you"). As a well-paid writer of many decades, I don't like being told that "this" is what I think & how I write & how everything works in the writing world. For example: "Writers always feel like the all Knowing God." -- this seems to apply to you, mostly, since you write like a know-it-all, seemingly informed about all writers. It's insulting to be thrown into such a long drawn-out generalization, written in tones of superiority. This would change dramatically (for the better) if it were written about oneself, rather than trying to hypothesize about how everyone else does it. I will propose that it might be better to stick to writing something of substance rather than preaching about how all writers are this & that. Sorry for my blunt assessment, but you were pretty blunt, too! *sigh!* Fondly, Margie

Posted 9 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

You are expecting me not to be myself and rather please and pamper your feelings at my expense, Marg.. read more

9 Months Ago

You're reading me the opposite of my intent. I am not fighting, I am not hurt, & I love your spirite.. read more

9 Months Ago

okay, ma'am. i was almost scared that i am losing your good side. thank you, ma'am.

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I am simple, easy going, moody at times, but very playful sometimes i don't recognize myself. what i know is that in those playful times, everyone want to be like me. Yet, behind the curtains of my sm.. more..

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