Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

A Poem by emipoemi

Heaven shines above us,

Hell is hot below.

Both are all around us,

Ev’rywhere where we go.


We’re angels and we’re devils,

We’re sheer satanic saints.

We tickle and we torture

With tenderness and taints.


Peace streams through our nature,

Strife prowls through our role;

Home is where the heart is,

Limbo where the soul.


So if the high be Heaven

And if the low be Hell,

We on our earthly planet

In purgatory dwell.


© 2018 emipoemi

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I not only love this poem for it's lyrical nature and excellent use of literary devices (particularly alliteration) but because I believe the exact same thing. We're all just biding our time.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Extremely profound poem... I love the way you convey life how it is v.s how you want it to be, well done poetess

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.......btw, you're not the only one to fall under the misunderstanding.. read more
Oh damn. This is beautiful. We write somewhat similar. I like it.

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, it looks like we may write in a similar fashion, I though am v.. read more
Know what I like about this poem? The contrast between the message and the execution of it. It is somewhat fitting, the lackadaisical rhythm and its bobbing meter lulls the reader as if a trance, softening the edge of the message, lessening its impact; your eyes a rocking leaf casually falling side to side down the page, slipping asleep in the metaphorical hammock. This is in part do to the complement of the flow and the soft phonetics you employ. With that said, and in that regard, I recommend looking at the last two lines again. "We here on Earth must therefore" is a gummy line and, by the end of it, it feels like I am vehemently chewing through the fifth bite of my peanut butter sandwich without any milk. Just kidding. But I do think that needs to be rephrased, and seeing how that line sets up the closer, I recommend making it a shorter one as well, which creates a momentum. Something as simple as taking out "must therefore" would work; those are basically fillers/dead words anyway.

Anywho, thank you for sharing your literary purgatory! Keep writing! I look forward to reading more!

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thanks for your comments suggestions. I will definitely take them into account and will attempt to r.. read more
Kibbles and Quips

2 Months Ago

Sounds great! I'll do just that.

And, I usually say this (but forgot to add it at th.. read more

2 Months Ago

Hey, that's what I do too. No sweat. I take very kindly to such comments and suggestions. For I give.. read more

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Added on December 1, 2017
Last Updated on February 12, 2018
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