A Story by cimmy wuv xxxooo

This is not a story and I know this sight isn't really for quiz's but for those of you who love pokemon you should go ahead and take it!


Do you want to know what kind of pokemon you are out of the following, based on there elements and the personality that comes with those elements? Take my quiz to find out!


Question 1: What is your favourite color out of the following?

A: Orrange or red

B: Blue

C: Yellow

D: Green

E: purple or black


Question 2: What is your favourite movie genere?

A: Romance

B: Ill watch any movie with emotion behind it

C: Other or can't decide

D: Action

E: Horror


Question 3: What is your favourite sport out of the following?

A: Boxing

B: Swimming

C: Other

D: Anything and everything I just like being outside and keeping active

E: I don't really enjoy sport.


Question 4: What would you say is your flaw out of the following?

A: I can have a bit of a temper

B: I can be a tad bit to sensitive/ over emotional

C: I tend to hold my feelings in to much, they bottle up, then when it becomes to much I explode.

D: I am to energetic always on the go, i wear myself out, and somtimes am so busy that i forget to relax.

E: I have no fear, i can be a bit to daring, people worry about my safty, because I will try anything, no matter how dangerous.


Question 5: What is your favourite season?

A: Summer

B: Winter

C: Spring

D: Autumn

E: Dont know/ don't have a favourite


Question 6: Whats your favourite pokemon Attack?

A: Flame Thrower

B: Water gun

C: Electric Shock/ thunderbolt

D: Vinewhip/ raser Leaf

E: Somthing else


Question 7: What Is your favourite Pokemon out of the following?

A: Charmander

B: Squirtal

C: Pikachu

D: Bulbasaur

E: Haunter


Question 8: What is your favourite Holliday?

A: Valentines Day

B: Christmas

C: My birthday

D: Other

E: Halloween


Question 9: How do people discribe you?

A: romantic and passonate

B: Emotional or caring or maybe even loving

C: Friendly

D: Outgoing or athletic

E: Unique and a little different.. in a good way :)


Question 10: Would you say you are an emotional person?

A: Not at all

B: Hell yes, maybe a little to emotional

C: yes i can be a little

D: not really

E: not sure


Question 11: What is your favourite pokemon out of the following?

A: Growlith

B: Garados

C: Electabuzz

D: Chikorita

E: Gingar


Question 12: What is your favourite Eevee evolution out of the following?

A: Flairion

B: Vaporion

C: Joltion

D: Leafion



Question 13: Would you try Yoga?

A: No way not my thing

B: Yes I would for sure

C: Maybe

D: I already do yoga, helps me to just stop and relax, and somtimes i need that.

E: Proberbly not


Question 14: How would you Describe yourself Out of the following?

A: Achiever

B: Imaginative

C: Personable

D: Grounded

E: Mysterious


Question 15: Would you say you are good at being there for someone? Or you try but could improve?

A: I do try to be there for people, although I don't really know what to do or say

B: I am extreamly good at listening, and understanding people, everyone turns to me for support, or advice.

C: Im pretty good at it, but not the best.

D: Im ok I guess, I try to just get people to relax, when they are upset.

E: Im not that sure if im any good at it to be honest.


Question 16: Would you say you are competitive?

A: yes I sure am

B: No not really

C: Depends what im compeating in

D: I can be

E: Hell yes I play to win!

Question 17: Are you a confident person?

A: Yes I am extreamly confident

B: No not really

C: Depends

D: Sometimes

E: Yes I am


Question 18: Do you like Haloween?

A: Depends on my mood on the day

B: Hell no, im not one for scary things.

C: Its alright

D: No not really

E: I lOVE haloween


Question 19: What star sign are you?

A: Aries/ leo or sagattarius

B: Cancer/ Scorpio or Pisces

C: Gemini/ Libra or Aquarius

D: Taurus/ Virgo or Capricorn

E: I dont care, don't like astroligy


Question 20: What are some more of your personality traits?

A: Reckless or Courageous

B: Easy going or calm

C: Hyper

D: Responsible or logical

E: Garded or a prankster


Question 21: How do you like to spend your free time?

A: Cooking

B: Other

C: Doing anything as long as im with friends

D: Hiking or Camping

E: Playing games


Question 22: Are you afraid of the dark (Be honest)

A: No im not afraid of it, I just prefure it light

B: no

C: No not really

D: maybe a little

E: I love the dark so no im not.

Question 23: What is your fvourite food out of the following?

A: Anything hot and spicy

B: Any kind of fish dish

C: I like all different kinds of food

D: Fruit and vegtables

E: Other


Question 24: You are at a theme park do you go on rides? Or are you scared?

A: I love a good thrill I will go on most rides, just not a huge fan of water rides

B: I don't love rides that much, but I do like the water rides

C: Yer rides are alright

D: Rides are not really my thing, I prefure to be safe on the ground.

E: I will go on anything and everything


Question 25: When at the beach what is your favourite thing to do?

A: I would prefure not to go to the beach, but if I did go i would spend my time sunbaking, but I don't like going in the water.

B: I would spend the whole day in the water, I love to swim.

C: I would spend my time chatting with friends, taking pictures and stuff.

D: I would bring a ball of some kind to the beach, so i can play beach volley ball, or football or soccer or something.

E: Beachs are not really for me.


Ok so thats the end of my quiz, your results will depend upon what you got the most of letter wise. So add up your A's B's C's D's and E's to find out your result hope you enjoyed the quiz!



Mostly A's: If you got mostly A's you are a fire type pokemon just like Charmander!

Fire is a sign of passion, so you are most likly a passionate person, in love and in general. You are passionate about what you strongly believe in and you will fight hard for what you believe is right.

You are also quite confident which is great just don't get to cocky.

You are quite a competitive person as well and strive to win.

Some of your bad points is you have quite a temper that can get out of control somtimes you should try to handle it a little better.

You can also be quite impatient, remember everyone has to wait.

Your favourite season is proberbly summer, you are a fire bug and seem to love the heat. Your favourite holiday is also proberly valentines day, if its not then you at least really like valentines day.

You can be quite an achiever and you like to get things done properly. You struggle to ask for help though, because you seem to like to work out everything on your own. Remember sometimes its not such a bad thing to ask for help.

You are quite reckless, and quite the dare devil, but you know how to not go to far usually, you are not quite as daring as a ghost type which is a good thing because you don't want to get yourself killed.

You have your good and your bad qualitys, although overall you have a wonderful personality and people love you. The ones that are lucky enough to hold a place in your heart, are loved fiercly by you.


Mostly B's: If you got Mostly B's you are a water type just like squirtle.

Most people that get this result are emotional and sensitive people they tend to really take things to heart. This is not a bad quality as emotional people are usually extreamly caring and feel other peoples pain as if it is there own. They are extreamly understanding people as well.

Also if you got this element seeing as it is a water element you may be a person who loves the water, you just love to swim, and relax in the water. Also maybe you feel like you can connect with the water in a way, as water kind of resembles emotion. You are also most likely usually pretty calm like the water. Sometimes when people extreamly upset you, they better watch out because even calm and collected people, can become title waves.

If you got this result your favourite season might also be winter, you don't seem to mind the cold, infact you quite like it.

You might not really like halloween all that much, although you might be quite fond of Christmas, as you love the gift of giving.


Also you may tend to like allot of sea food :)

Mostly C's: If you got mostly C's your result is an electric type just like good old Pikachu!

Electric types are usually extremely friendly types of people, they love to socialize and make loads of friends.

Electric types also are usually happy kinds of people with a positive attitude most of the time, they are usually always smiling.

One of your romantic fantasy's is probably kissing in the rain, as you actually tend to love the rain and thunderstorms.

You also love surprises, you love surprising people and being surprised yourself. This is why you probably love your birthdays, the bigger your surprise party the better.

Your favorite color is probably yellow, as It is bright and resembles happiness.

You tend to keep your feelings bottled up inside sometimes, and as a result when you have finally bottled up to much, you explode. When this happens all that you have been feeling comes out in one huge hit, and from this happy person, you turn into the opposite. This is why it is sometimes ok to be a little upset or tell people how you feel. It is great that you are usually so happy go lucky, although sometimes you have to let people know how your feeling.

People can be quite shocked when you build things up inside and then explode, because they don't expect it and had no idea you where feeling all of this, because you never let them know.

Overall your personality is another great one, you just need to work on opening up to people more :)

Mostly D's: If you got mostly D's you are a grass type pokemon just like Bulbasaur!

Well to start off your favorite color is probably green.

You tend to love nature, and animals as animals are apart of nature, you are a very nurturing person as well.

You love anything adventurous, and you probably love going camping, or playing almost any kind of sport. You are also probably very fit and quite in shape. You are the kind of person that is always on the move and probably never wants to take a rest. Although when you finally do wind down you actually enjoy things like yoga and just relaxing.

You can be a very Grounded, responsible and logical person.

You tend to love your fruit and Vegtables, and are quite big into health and fitness.

Your favorite movie genere is most likely action. You are not a huge fan of hights or rides though. Also your favorite season is also most likely Autumn.

In your free time you might like spending time with animals, and taking pictures.

You tend to have a busy schedule and like I said never tend to slow down, although you should be carful not to tire yourself out to much.  :)

Mostly E's: If you got mostly E's you are a Ghost type pokemon just like haunter!

If you got this result your favorite color is most likely black or purple.

Ghost type people tend to be a little mysterious, and also even sometimes a little misunderstood. They can tend to be a little different or unique and people some people don't understand this they tend to be a bit weirded out but ghost type people or sometimes even scared.

Yes ghost type peoples favourite movies are probably horrors, or thrillers. They also love Halloween. 

Ghost type people are also always looking for a thrill, most of them tend to love the biggest most scary rides and will most likely have a go at anything.

They can sometimes go way to far though with the crazy stunts they are willing to try, because like I said they are willing to try anything even if its dangerous as hell. This could get them hurt or even killed if the stunt is that extreme.

Ghost types feel like they can do anything and everything and have quite allot of confidence, they are pretty competitive as well and will do whatever it takes to win.

Although sometimes they go to far, they do strive to finish what they start and aim to achieve anything, this can be a good quality and can get them far in life.

Ghost types are pransters for sure, they love pranking people, although sometimes they can go to far, which can scare people or cause them to dislike ghost type people.

Ghost types love to make people laugh though, and genuinely do like to see people happy, and have company, although unfortunaely they do find it hard to make friends sometimes. Although if given a chance ghost type people have great personality traits and make for great friends :)

© 2016 cimmy wuv xxxooo

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Featured Review

Well this was definitely interesting, I love Pokemon so I'm glad that you shared this with me! I got Charmander :)
This was a pretty fun idea!

On a side note:
In question 12, a few on the Pokemon names are spelt wrong. Like "Flairion" is spelt "Flareon" for example.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Year Ago

Glad sumone finally done this quiz. Glad you liked it. Do you think your results where accurate?;
Amber Lily

1 Year Ago

Yes, and I really liked the descriptions the in answers.
cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Year Ago

Thank you :)


That was an interesting survey and i like the description of the answers, thanks for sharing this.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Joey Nizz

1 Year Ago

Alright thanks
Joey Nizz

1 Year Ago

Oh i just noticed, my bad.
cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Year Ago

Lol yer :p
Pardon me for being a party-pooper, but I have no experience with Pokémon & these references went right over my head. But even without the Pokémon influence, this is an interesting quiz. Here I'm a party-pooper, too, becuz I never take quizzes. But I know they are popular becuz quizzes make the social media circuit regularly, so you've definitely touched on a popular notion here. I think your questions are much more interesting & far-reaching than the usual superficial questions asked in most popular quizzes. I like the way you put so much thought into this, coming up with unusual questions & interesting results. I wonder if it might be a little long, even for the most avid quiz aficionados? But regardless, I admire your sense of adventure & your creativity.

Posted 1 Year Ago

cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Year Ago

Thank you for your review hun, it is a shame you dont like quizes. Did u judt read through it or did.. read more

1 Year Ago

For a moment, I thought about taking your quiz, but I always run into the same roadblock. I don't th.. read more
Well this was definitely interesting, I love Pokemon so I'm glad that you shared this with me! I got Charmander :)
This was a pretty fun idea!

On a side note:
In question 12, a few on the Pokemon names are spelt wrong. Like "Flairion" is spelt "Flareon" for example.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Year Ago

Glad sumone finally done this quiz. Glad you liked it. Do you think your results where accurate?;
Amber Lily

1 Year Ago

Yes, and I really liked the descriptions the in answers.
cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Year Ago

Thank you :)

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