Looking up

Looking up

A Story by erums

Many people on the Earth have role models and heroes they look up to. It's not dangerous to look up to role models or heroes. Looking up to role models and heroes is completely different from wanting to be exactly like them. This means they have made an impact upon someone's life. Looking up to a hero or role model is not dangerous unless taken to the next level which is instead of looking up to them you're trying to become them.

            Role models help us pursue towards our goal. In the TV show Glee, Lea Michele plays a character named Rachel Berry whose role model was Barbra Streisand. In the show Rachel was obsessed with being as big in the Broadway industry as Barbra. Rachel got the chance to be on broadway by looking up to Barbra . Role models help us achieve our goals in life. In one of the episodes Rachel was auditioning for a Broadway play and she had to do a nude scene, Rachel decided against doing the scene and did not get the part. Barbra Streisand did a couple nude scene in her life. So,although Barbra is Rachel's role model it doesn't mean Rachel is going to be exactly like her.

       One of my role models is my uncle. I look up to him because he is very successful with his life. He went to a Uconn for college and taught in Washington D.C. Now he is a private school teacher in Manhattan. Although he is one of my role models doesn't mean I want to be exactly like him. I would hate living in New York City, I would get lost everyday and I also don't want to go to Uconn. But I look up to him because I also want to be a private school teacher and go to a good college. Another person I look up to is my great grandmother, who is ninety four years old and very healthy. Every thanksgiving and Christmas she is the one cooking and cleaning. I admire her attitude and her perseverance. She is the sweetest lady I have ever met. It's amazing how healthy and outgoing she is at her age. I hope I can live a life as long and healthy as her.

      There are some cases where people want to be the exact same as their role model so they change their whole life. In 2009 more than 100 thousand people got their hair cut just like Justin Bieber. This is taking role model to the next level by not only looking up to them but inspiring to be them. This is completely different from just looking up to your role model or hero. If these people who cut their hair just sang his songs and started to make YouTube covers, then they would be looking up to him.

      If you take anything from this it should be just be you, don't aspire to be someone else. It's okay to look up to a person but that doesn't mean you have to become them. Please don't change yourself to look like a celebrity. In the words of Bruno Mars ‘You are perfect just the way you are’. If you do have a role model don't be them just let them inspire you to be you.

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I wish more people your age thought the way you do about role models. You make make several clear and excellent points. Honestly, people can get lost by their admiration for someone they respect. I think we as people need to remember to stay grounded in who we are. A lot of times people try to live vicariously through the actions of others and it shouldn't be that way. I'd say let the actions of those you respect, inspire the course in life you'll choose to select. Great piece of work here.

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