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The Sacred Triangle II

The Sacred Triangle II

A Story by Ewerton Faverzani

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The Sacred Triangle
By Ewerton Faverzani
In the seventeenth century occurred in the state of Rio Grande do Sul disputes between the Portuguese and Spanish domination in the region. At that time a large tsunami lavrou the warriors killed in battle causing them to run in the arms of the river Guaíba. In escarcéu blood, gray clouds have joined storms and typhoons formed. At the center of the state an immense cloud of dark color more than other clouds formed the face of the great god Seltro to expel all the fury that the immortal gods lying.
It is years until the Portuguese came out victorious. The empire should encourage economic growth of Punjab. But, he did exactly the opposite of what it promised. Thus, he began to charge high rates on the charqui, the mate, hides, tallow and grease. Angry, the gauchos planned audacious attacks on the empire in defense of its territory.
From then on, gods of the universe as Neon, prince of war and justice, Cleóthes, protective of the winds and storms and Jungoo, one that illuminates the ways and sega enemies with light nuclear reincarnated in the bodies of Bento Goncalves, Anita Garibaldi and Giusepe Garibaldi forming a triangle of holy war. With on-human powers began to command the ragamuffin in favor of independence of the pampas gauchos.
The emperor with such fury at the contempt imposed by gauchos taken away by the dark energy from the deepest place of the empire, who took over his body. Drunken sleep for three days. In agreeing Marlun seize his soul. And this episode was the match of the terrible war between the forces of good and evil.
For nearly a century waged tough battles. Huge lakes of blood brotavam the land of the empire extending up to the pampas. In the end the triangle of holy war and their supporters to the Decade is sacred heroic winners dominating the empire. The emperor was deposed from power and ended up being hanged and told them the sacred scriptures. The empire started to draw up "all of Brazil," where the law of God's divine protection human, Seltro, encouraged the population to wealth and economic growth. Thus the new nation extending from the Oiapoque to Chuí. And even said that the power of a nation should be precisely in the accumulation of wealth that each citizen would have to win with much study and decent work, because of the great God, eternal and infinite goodness, that everything you see, preaches that to get a heavenly abode in the sky the Brazilians need to seek growth through a financial study and a good job fair for wealth and material well-being to all who have goodwill. Because for the Lord supreme and eternal God's goodness to material wealth is a virtue, joy without a price at which life can be built with quality, health, safety and welfare infinite.
Years passed and is in full century Brazil after the great American crisis occurred between September and October of 2008 happened to fall on a supernatural. From the second economic power and ideological the planet will regress to the formidable economic underdevelopment closer to an equal footing in the poorest economies on the planet. So the dream to continue to remain rich and impressive just getting into oblivion. I had to start over after all his hard work to rescue their position and respect for the rich countries if they were composing the power as falling outside of Brazil by land. India ended up following the same path that Brazil, as well as China that seemed to be the new world power and cost of the new century, was losing its strength as a lightning that never falls in the same place. With this step following its decline the countries of Russia and South Africa The USA, for example, instead of being totally destroyed by the severe economic crisis, in contrast, had become more powerful still, as if keeping the country's richest world. But the gods later returned to illuminate Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa and India to never lose the hope. After all nothing happens by chance ...

© 2008 Ewerton Faverzani

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Ewerton Faverzani
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Added on October 8, 2008
Last Updated on November 3, 2008


Ewerton Faverzani
Ewerton Faverzani

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

I am a writer of literature surreal. As one of my main references, I have so many idols as masters, the monumental plastic artist Salvador Dal�. Currently I develop studies in the area of .. more..