Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass

A Poem by gabi123

A shattered kingdom of thought...


Dedicated to him

Her heart was breaking

Her ribcage a museum covered in a glass case

Disintegrating into ash on the floor

From the force of intruder’s impact

Her fingertips were shivering

He’s broken her

He’s broken her soul

He’s shattered the glass kingdom

Raised within herself

And set her entire world

Down to a bed of fire and ash

It wasn’t like her, to be caught unaware

To be ambushed by an attack

For her clear walls to be downed

Drowned in the ink of the night

She’d sculpted weapons of glass comfort

As she built her kingdom of clarity around her skin

As invisible shield

From the pain that had raised her

And the shackles that had bound her

All battles fought before

Were blocked by the kingdom of stability

Of transparency, and shelter

Though, as he struck her in the middle of the night

As the New Year flourished into earth

And the Christmas lights reflected off her kingdom

The glass pierced her skin as it shattered around her

And her clarity

The clear protective barrier

Was destroyed by vain, agony, and pain

It was as if she was throwing shiny glitter

To parade her nonexistent victory

But as the glitter came down

Cutting her soul with it’s sharpness

She knew that the kingdom would have to heal

And the glass castle would become whole once more

© 2017 gabi123

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Added on March 11, 2017
Last Updated on March 13, 2017
Tags: kingdom, glass, glass kingdom, inside mind, inside out, psychology, destruction, clearness of mind, brain, mind, emotions, emotional poem



Chappaqua, NY

I am a 10 year old, who loves to write! more..

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