The Great And Powerful Singer Melisa!

The Great And Powerful Singer Melisa!

A Story by Melisa

This is about me!


I started to learn how to sing with I was in the 3rd grade. Learning how to sing it not it easy. For some people it’s hard and for others it’s easy. Like for me for example, when I first started to sing it was pretty hard. But as I got older I got to hear my voice a lot clearer and in ways I never heard my voice before. I learned by practicing everyday whenever I can and I try my hardest.While learning how to sing, there are notes you need to learn like low, medium, and high. Also some other notes that are important it a G high, G sharp, and a G low. When I was in the 7th grade it when I found out I was an alto.

The obstacles I needed to overcome was my stage fright. I had my stage fright until I was in the 3rd grade. When you have stagefright most of us are usually camera shy too. But I love to be in front of a camera. The ones who supported me when I started to sing was my friends. My friends still support me to this day. A few of my friends are Lindsey, Shamyra, Shrianna, and my new best-friend aka my big brother Kelvin. The push me to never give up.

My motivation was Demi Lovato. She was the one who motivated me at least try 

and I accomplished this goal. I had to watch Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2, Camp Rock:  

The Final Jam, A few times to learn all the songs. After watching the movies a bunch of 
times I then knew I wanted

to be a singer. After I accomplished my goal I was very pleased with myself. Back when I was in middle school I was just known as the city girl with big dreams hoping for them to come true someday. So I follow my dreams and see where they land. Because someday I’m going to be the next big thing.

The things I learn about myself from this experience it that I can do myself hard enough. So I never ever gave up. If I ever gave up I might as well call myself a quitter for the rest of my life. So whatever you want to be when you get older, don’t quit. Keep your dream alive. Someday your going to be famous.This experience will help me in the future when presented with challenges by being prepared for being in more talent shows and plays. Overcoming my stage fright was not easy. to this day i get very nervous to perform in front of crowds for any size. So I imagine there it no one there but my close friends. So never give up on what you really want to be.

© 2015 Melisa

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Added on February 5, 2015
Last Updated on February 25, 2015



New York, NY

I'm am a musician, caring and a loving person. I'm the one person who loves to write poems but also bring them into others lives. I help them understand the means of what poetry really means. To help .. more..

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