What the intellect cannot understand.

What the intellect cannot understand.

A Poem by Imogean Tweetie

Do you understand what your brain cannot?

It is in my constant search for truth that I have come to this place.
It is a place that holds the secret of mankind.
I am not only a searcher of truth, but I am a scholar, someone who reads over every ancient word and text until there is understanding.
I will not be staved off by my own intellect, for I search for the spiritual meaning.
I strip myself bare of ego, gain and self, which is a feat in itself.
To lay bare before God, desiring only to know his will for me, is the most brazen act of humility that I can accomplish. 
As I have read ancient dialogues, scriptures and books of all shapes and sizes, it has come to me how little mankind knows.
Our primitive minds cannot fathom the truth in completeness.
The bounds of humanity limit many of us to that which can only be understood within the confines, and concepts of the physical.
But some of us, and you know who you are: can see and feel the truth
Truth: it is the voice of God speaking silently and sometimes violently into our hearts that which our intellectual minds will never understand.
The language of unconditional love, which is the most simple concept ever, yet we as humans so often cannot fully grasp it.
Love--it cannot be seen, heard or felt with your physical being. Or, can it?
 Every tear I have shed is the physical evidence of my spirit crying from within me.
Every moment of laughter that I have heard from myself, is the sound of my soul shouting out through time and space, letting me know in the physical realm that it exists.
The secrets of man will never fully be understood by intellect, but by something more superior than time, space and physical matter.  
The next time you feel lost or afraid in this vast world of the physical, earnestly look within and it is there that you will find truth.
It is the truth that there is a God, that He understands your pain, that He is your creator and that we are not just particles--floating around in and throughout space and time haphazardly.       

© 2014 Imogean Tweetie

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something about ancient dialogue...real, true to the human spirit...lost somewhere in the translation between what used to be written so carefully and what now is thrown down in text language and short cuts..
striving to learn but staying humble...understanding intellect isn't something of entitlement..it is something we have to strive to attain.

nicely done.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on February 22, 2014
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Imogean Tweetie
Imogean Tweetie

Chico, CA

I have been here before under the name Imogean. I will write more about me later. more..