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I kept running. The rain smacked my face as I ran and ran. I had to get away. I can't stand up to the entire gang, especially by myself. I saw their car block my path up ahead. I turned quickly into an alley. Oh how dumb was I to do so. My footsteps echoed through the walls as I stepped in puddles. I get to the dead end. I cuss under my breath. I hid behind the closest dumpster and grabbed an empty glass bottle. I stayed quiet, very, very quiet. I hear a bunch of footsteps getting closer and closer. The laughter of the entire gang has me on edge. I'm not going down without a fight. I heard a voice I wish would disappear. "You can't escape, little wolf." The footsteps got even closer. I had to act now or else I won't have a fighting chance. I charged out from behind the dumpster. Hearing and feeling the crack of a nose was so satisfying. The grunt of pain as a guy in a blue hoodie falls to the ground. There were still too many to take on by myself. I hit one with the glass bottle and stabbed a few with the biggest pieces of shards near me. It was quiet for one split second. Only one small second. I felt the blade stab my right side. I screamed in pain and collapsed to the ground. A puddle of blood began to surround me. I couldn't look up to his face. I was in tears as I watched a pair of worn out vans approach me. I hated the sound of his laugh. It just wouldn't stop. "You're done for, little wolf. You can't escape anymore." I gained enough strength to lift my head up and see his blurry figure. I saw a small figure that looked like his shadow. It got closer and closer, and I realized it was not a shadow when it lifted up a knife. I felt the vans hit my head. My head hit the cement and I saw the blurry figure fall to the ground. The mysterious shadow came closer and closer to me. I couldn't move, but I wasn't afraid. Before I could see who my savior was, everything went black.

© 2017 jaywolf1738

Author's Note

This is my first story, sorry if its bad

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its not that bad could use a little bit of tweaking but its fine neat piece jaywolf1738
Queen Firefly

Posted 1 Week Ago

oh dam (your first name) lol. idk if you would let me use your real name or not, so i won't.
A great read, I love the suspense of the whole thing, the build up is beautiful, and I think that you should continue this story.
I look forward to reading more of your work.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

lol just call me jaywolf

1 Week Ago

ok jaywolf :-)

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Added on November 8, 2017
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